Obama’s Real Message to Syria

Obama SyriaFrom the White House on September 10th, Obama spoke for several minutes about the Assad regime’s brutal tactics in Syria.  Despite all the rhetoric and rationalizations, one message to Syria and the rest of the world was very clear:


It is perfectly fine for Assad to use guns, machetes, bombs, etc., and it is fair game to behead your enemies.  That is OK with Obama.  Just lay off the gas!!!


Civil Wars the US DID NOT Get Involved With

flag 2Much is been made about America’s moral responsibility to police the world and punish regimes that do not conform to the “circle of civilized behavior”  as Secretary Kerry testifies before the Foreign Relations Committee on the subject of Syria.  Below is a partial listing of civil wars that America elected NOT TO get involved with:

-Afghan Civil War – 1978 – 1,800,000 killed

-Sudanese Civil War – 1983 – 1,900,000 killed

-Rwandan Civil War – 1990 – 1,000,000 killed

-Second Congo War – 1998 – 5,400,000 killed

Yet, we are eager to intervene in a civil war that has claimed 110,000 killed.  Dead is dead…..it doesn’t matter how it happens. Go figure!!!


Obama, Boehner, Pelosi & Syria

Boehner cryingToday, Boehner and Pelosi announced that they would support Obama’s plan to strike Syria following the use of chemical weapons by one of the warring factions within Syria.  Pelosi was quoted as saying that we must respond to actions “outside the circle of civilized behavior.”  Does that mean that it was inside “civilized behavior” when Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were brutally slaughter in Benghazi?  Is it within “civilized behavior” to kill thousands in Africa?  What really constitutes “civilized behavior?”

pelosiObama used Boehner once again as his lackey so he could have someone to blame (Congress) when this bombing of Syria results in a wider confrontation in the Middle East….and has repercussions within the United States.  Boehner’s tough guy policy with Obama has been a joke!  Why the Republican house elected this guy as the speaker is another question for the ages.

Obama is brilliant at manipulating Boehner!  He is a lousy  president, but a good manipulator!!!

Cesar Millan, beware, Jeff, the Tiki Island Dog Whisperer, is the New Kid in Town!!

cesar millanCesar Millan, TV’s famous dog whisperer, better watch his back.  Jeff, from Tiki Island, has come to town and he is ready to tame your pooch….for a modest fee!  In fact, sometimes for just a loan of some stuff from your closet is his only fee!  But, more about the clothing closet later.  Funerals are solemn occasions intended for the family to give a ceremonial good-bye to their loved one and rejoice in that loved one’s life.  In this particular ceremony, white doves were released at the grave site and they flew in circles for several minutes before, probably, heading to their normal roost.  It was a beautiful, touching sight.   And it was on this somber occasion that I met Jeff, called by his friends, the Tiki Island Dog Whisperer. Continue reading

UPDATE – Operation Critter Storm – A War with Raccoons

racoonWell, it has been two years since my original post….and they are BACK!  With a vengeance!  The final tally in 2011 was 11 raccoons and 6 possums.  Now this year, we stand at 4 coons and 1 possum….my cage is wearing out from all the use.  Not to fear, I will persist until I have relocated everyone of these nasty critters.  The battle continues…………..  If you have ever had “critters” in your yard, you can identify with my frustration!  For the past few years, some critters have been burrowing in my plants and shrubs looking for grubs, worms, or whatever fuzzy little night creatures seek to fill their insatiable appetites.   Your local Ace Hardware can offer lots of solutions….and I have tried them all.  First, I tried moth balls attempting to offend their sensitive noses.  Continue reading

Mother’s Day at the Dairy Queen

dairy queen signMother’s Day was a bit of a disappointment for me because I was sick and had to cancel our reservations at a spiffy, over-priced restaurant on Saturday evening to celebrate Jane’s special day.  An intestinal bug (probably from the Mexican food on Friday)  knocked me flat all day Saturday.  Viva la infeccion!  So, when Sunday rolled around, I was settled on the sofa getting ready to watch the conclusion of The Players Championship where Tiger Woods kicked some Spanish butt (Sergio Garcia) to win his 78th tour victory….but I digress!!! Continue reading

Sergio Garcia – Let the Whining Begin!

sergio at TPCOn the second hole of Saturday’s third round of The Players Championship of the PGA tour, Sergio hit a poor shot into the trees well  right of the green on the par 5 hole.  The ever petulant Garcia pulled out his inner child and looked towards the group around his playing competitor, Tiger Woods, obviously thinking that, somehow, Woods, the golfer many love to hate, was responsible for Sergio’s lousy shot. In fact, later, Sergio accused Tiger of an intentional distraction even though the two players were 50 yards apart…in golf, that is a long way!!   Continue reading