Happy New Year, Congress!!

Well, 2009 is now in Father Time’s rear-view mirror and the WONDERFULLY EFFICIENT United States Congress has departed until the third week in January comforted by their crisis mentality breakthrough legislation in healthcare AND leaving a huge piece of important tax business undone!

Here’s hoping you  or someone in your family doesn’t die any time soon because if they do, the estate of the dearly departed could be left in a state of flux by Uncle Sam and his band of  little thieves.  In the panic to pass healthcare, the Senate  failed to renew, extend, or otherwise deal with 50 or more tax provisions that expire on 12/31/09.  These tax provisions  leave many unanswered questions as to tax policy because Congress has also promised to reconsider the taxes and make any changes retroactive to 1/1/2010!  But, there is no timetable to do so!  Well, isn’t that just great.  Once again, the American public is left swinging in the breeze while the morons we elected don’t take care of the details of government that affect our daily lives.  Trust them, don’t worry, they will do the right thing….sure!  Well, I, for one, am sick of this administration and the entire US Congress.  They have failed the public completely!  It is time to vote these egomaniacs out in 2010!  Wake up America……Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


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