Domestic Tranquility – Preface

How to begin?  I’m not really sure what to call this category!  I started with “Marital Bliss.”  But, that seems to promote the notion that being married is like being in a constant state of “bliss” ; and that just is not the case.  There are ups and downs in all relationships and to assume that any relationship is always blissful is not realistic!  So, I was trying to think of a less euphoric sounding phrase.  And, surprise, “domestic tranquility” popped into my mind.  To my way of thinking “domestic tranquility” is, more or less, an attempt to create a balance in the relationship were the seas are not raging……but there is no dead water either!  It’s kind of smooth….not becalmed!

I will cogitate a little more, but this might be the answer…..Maybe I’ll ask Jane what she thinks!!


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