‘Horns gored by fate

When McCoy went down in the first quarter of the BCS Championship, the game was over!  Despite poor coaching decisions by Saban (a fourth down pass deep in their end of the field in the first quarter) and a kick-off that was not fielded, the outcome should have never been in doubt!  But  a coaching error sealed the deal for ‘Bama when Mack Brown made a terrible call on poorly executed shovel pass at the end of the half . But, the ‘Horns fought back with a freshman, who will be leading the team next year, and got back to a three-point deficit.    Texas showed great toughness in clawing back into the game.  Shipley (whose NFL stock just went up) played a great game despite having his room-mate watching from the sidelines.  But the shovel pass call put them in too deep of a hole.

But what really let the ‘Horns back into the game was the pitifully conservative offense scheme Saban brought to the second half.  They should have been beaten since they lacked the killer instinct that the great champions usually have.  Saban allowed his team to depend on the freshman quarterback making mistakes.  And he did….4 interceptions and a fumble.  But, suppose he had not.  Saban’s strategy could have back-fired on him very easily.  They have the trophy, but did not deserve it!

So, if I was a voting in the final poll, I would have dismissed both Texas and ‘Bama.  Either Florida or Boise State should be crowned the national champion!  Both had great bowl games and played like champions!


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