Pack it in Green Bay

Sadly, my beloved ‘Packers let me down on Sunday when a porous defense could not stop the second oldest quarterback in the NFL from making them look silly! So much for Dom Capers making it happen when it really counted! High praise goes to the ‘Pack offense…when you score 45 points, you have every right to expect to win! Rodgers, who was shaking in his cleats on the opening drive, redeemed himself with a stellar performance until the OT period. I guess it just was not meant to be! It’s hard for any NFL team to beat another quality team AND the officials at the same time. The officials missed several calls that could have made a difference. But in the OT, no penalty was called on a clear helmet-to-helmet hit on Rodgers; and Arizona should have been called when Rodgers’  facemask was grabbed on the fumble.  It was so clearly missed that even Troy Aikman commented on how blatant the foul was as the game ended.
The only salvation is that the ‘Pack is back and can look forward to good seasons for a decade or so with Aaron at the helm. But, the Packers front office has got to do something about the defense, the running game, and secure a dangerous kick-off/punt returner. Super Bowl champions can run the ball and they can play defense. Green Bay can do neither!


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