See Scott Brown Run

The current hero of the centrist/conservative movement is Scott Brown, the newly elected, pick-up truck driving, straight talking, GOP Senator from the deep blue state of  Massachusetts.  Brown became the first Republican Senator since the 70’s in the Bay State; and took over the Senate seat of the strongest proponent of universal healthcare, Ted Kennedy. He was smart enough to tap into the anger of the voters who expressed their disdain for the partisan arrogance of the Obama Administration; and the misguided leadership of  “soon-be-former” Senator Harry Reid and the pseudo maven, House Leader Nancy Pelosi.  Brown represents the 41st vote that can sustain a Senate filibuster and put a serious crimp in the political socialist pipeline of Obama/Reid/Pelosi. 

The people have spoken loudly; but did the Democrats learn any lessons from the Brown victory?  The political socialists are at a crossroads.  They must decide whether to push an unpopular healthcare plan down the throats of the American people; or take a step back, include the GOP, and re-craft a centrist healthcare plan that will resonate with the average American.  But such a plan would anger the far left Progressives that have taken over the Democratic Party.  Either way, they lose in November’s mid-term elections…the only issue is:  Which will be the least bad scenario for the Democrats.

The arrogance of the far left coupled with Obama’s crack staff (Axlerod, Emanuel, etc.) leaving the details of healthcare to out-of-touch people like Pelosi and Reid has triggered the deeply rooted anxiety and mistrust of government.  Where is the transparency promised in the campaign?  Where is C-SPAN?   Where is bipartisan compromise?  Where is common sense ?  The country has sent a strong message to the progressive left of the Democratic Party.

You can be sure that moderate, incumbent Democrats are testing the waters this morning with a renewed interest in their constituency.  I doubt many will be willing to walk the political plank that scuttled Martha Coakley and become one of the statistically  unemployed.

If Obama turns towards the center, he can possibly recapture his administration, like Clinton did in the ’90’s.  If he does not, he will guarantee the demise of this presidency and become another single term flop like Jimmy Carter.

But, after the congressional bribes (the Cornhusker Kickback to Ben Nelson and  the Louisiana Purchase for Mary Landrieu),  the latest concession to big labor has put Obama in a perilous path.  One false step and he will slip into the abyss of  failed politicians.


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