Where Obama’s Progressives Went Wrong

November 2008 News Flash:  Obama and the Democrats run the tables to take control of the United States!  Now the progressives hold the White House and Congress!  Things will change!   There is reason to hope!  The world will be a better place!

Fast forward to today: Well, after one year in office, the progressive movement has stalled; and the only success the  Obama administration can claim is polarization of the country against big government, out-of-control spending, and a soft stance on terrorism.  This was not their goal…so where did they go wrong?

It started with the belief that they had been given a mandate to do as they pleased!  They, the progressives, thought they could push through universal health care, expand government oversight in the lives of Americans, and negotiate with the radicals that hate what America stands for.

It is true that they inherited an economy that was in the tank.  It was not all Bush’s fault; although most of it happened on his watch….and he took the blame his administration deserved.  But, instead of focusing on the stressed economy and rising unemployment, they choose to push for the total overhaul of a healthcare system that the vast majority was statisfied with, even though, the public saw the flaws in the current system.  The elitist arrogance of the progressives tried to seize on their ill-preceived mandate to push an unpopular (public option and mandated coverage) and  expensive ($1+ trillion) program at a time when the average American was worried about their jobs and how they were going to pay their bills.  The elitist arrogance of the progressives planted the seeds of the “tea party” movement; and then when the movement flourished and grew into a battle cry against the progressives, they were labeled as bullies, thugs, un-American, etc., etc., for exercising their constitutional rights to free speech and assembly.  When the left-wing mainstream media bashed the “tea party” participants, they just fueled the growing fire into an inferno that could not be contained.

Then Congress revealed just how nasty the sausage making business really is.  The closed-door partisan manner in which the bills were conceived in the House and Senate exposed the ugly under-belly of a pork laden process.  The Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback bribes added more frustration!  Then the last straw that broke the progressive movement’s back was the give-away to big labor!  Game, set, match!  Scott Brown, a relative nobody from the bluest state in the nation, became the poster boy that showed Washington what the majority  of Americans really wanted!

And, they still don’t get the message.  Valerie Jarrett was on Meet the Press today demonstrating just how out of touch the White House  really is.  They are in denial.  She said that Americans still want the change that Obama promised in his campaign.  Well, she is wrong.  Some Americans want the changes he championed (single-payer health care, redistribution of wealth, etc.), but, most do not.  When Valerie talks about Americans, she need to broaden her definition to include the majority, not just some.

And, it is not just Democrats that are in trouble!  Republicans need to get their business in order too!  They are all part of the problem.  Any incumbent that thinks his/her job is secure had better take a hard look at what their constituency is saying.  Congress is there to represent the people who voted them into office; not to patronize the public and then try to do what they want regardless.

America is a centrist country….and the best in the world!  When government tries to move hard left or hard right, it is in big trouble.  Americans have reawakened from their political slumber.  Politicians must wake up, too!


One response to “Where Obama’s Progressives Went Wrong

  1. The generalities inherent in your posting are not necessarily supported by the facts. As an example, at the outset of the healthcare debate a VAST majority of Americans supported significant change to our current system (e.g., coverage for pre-existing conditions and even a public option – check the early 2009 polls). However, the minority party set out to follow the “Gingrich” plan (as he did in 1993) and elected to do everything they could to ensure Obama was not successful, even with regard to issues that the American people in fact supported (e.g., DeMint’s blocking of even benign appointments and holds on most every piece of legislation, even that which Republicans in general support (Souther for TSA head), and similar actions by Colburn (OK)and Vitter (LA)).

    What we have now is not one party forcing its wishes on the other, but rather one party caring more about reinstating itself into the coveted leadership positions as a higher priority than governing as we have asked them both to do. Recall that until just recently, the filibuster was used only rarely, and then for the most serious of issues. Today it is being used (abused) to block the ability of both houses of Congress to govern.

    We had an election. That is what is now not being respected.

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