What makes them so special,
      So pleasing to the eye?
Is it the way they hold their heads
     Of the way the time does fly?

Is the dichotomy of emotions,
     Sometimes hard to understand;
Or the smile on their gentle lips
     And the touch of a small hand?

We know they really love us
     Even when they turn away.
The run from the words we speak
     When our mood is not so gay.

But their young hearts are loyal,
     Their minds so quick and sure;
Sometimes we  loathe ourselves, you see,
     For we are not so pure.

For like a bird in a gilded cage,
     They stretch their wings to fly;
And to soon the door is open wide,
     And it is time to say, “Goodbye.”

They hit the path and stub a toe,
     And their tears will burn your cheek;
But they bounce up and hurry on,
     A new lesson in life to seek!

God bless the girls that we have,
     Our daughters, they are our soul.
They are the ones we will always love
     And their virtues we will extol.

Sometimes we find that they, like we,
     Have faults and make mistakes.
But we overlook each and every one,
     Even when our perfect world shakes.

For they come from within our being
     And are made by love, and thus,
A part of us is in each of them,
     And a part of them in us.

Will we love them forever?
     No matter what they do?
Of course, we will, and we will trust
     That they will love us, too!


2 responses to “Daughters

  1. 5kidswdisabilities

    Nice poem. Love my daughters!!!
    Lindsey Petersen

  2. I just re-read this poem this evening, and I love it. Wonderful poem. It gets me every time! 🙂

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