State of the Fractured Union

I sincerely wish I could say that President Obama seems to be listening to the American public.  But after tonight’s state of the union message, I believe he is actually more out of touch than I ever imagined.  I won’t  dignify his speech with much comment except to say that it seemed like he threw all things political against the wall just to see what would stick.  It was more like campaign rhetoric than the voice of the leader of the free world.  I was actually embarrassed for him.  His lame attempts at humor were misplaced; and I was constantly drawn to the bobble-headed Biden sitting over his shoulder.

In quick summary, yes, we all agree that the economy needs attention.  We all agree that healthcare needs reform…not complete government takeover.  However, his overall  message was a huge smorgasbord of old campaign issues.  And I am bored with his tired, old references to  the problems he inherited from the Bush administration.  That horse has no legs any more……it is your presidency now.  Furthermore, Obama did not  mention the upcoming NYC trials of enemy combatants.  He never mentioned the Christmas Day terror incident in Detroit.  He never mentioned GITMO….one of his signature promises during his campaign. He spoke to his political base….not to the American people at large.

On the other hand, the Republican response by Virginia Governor Bob McConnell was crisp, to the point, and easily understood.  It demonstrated the “common sense” that most Americans can easily relate with. 

I wish I could have been more positive in my views because I want to see America move forward.  But, tonight’s speech gave me no comfort…..just more concerns.


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