Political Correctness – Out of Control

While I am the last person to defend the insiders of the Obama administration, Raum Emanuel’s use of the word “retarded” has been blown way out of proportion!  He may be a left-wing socialist and Chicago-style political thug, but he has been skewered by the press and others.

And any use of the word “black” is likely to draw fire from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others unless it is uttered by a black person. The American Idol contestant, General Larry Pratt’s song, “Pants of the ground” would have been blasted if a white contestant would have sung the song.  And, even Harry Reid’s use of the word, “negro,” has drawn fire.  Black comics use the “n-word” routinely; but let anyone else use the “n-word” and all hell is going to break loose!

Racial slurs and insensitive comments about disabled people are never appropriate at any time.  But, the overall climate regarding political correctness in America has gotten out of control.  As a society, we need to loosen up a little….take some time to smell the roses!  It seems that someone is always looking for ways to press the political sensitivity button which is inherent in a country with a diversity of ethnic cultures and varying special concerns (age, disability, equal opportunity, etc.).   This diversity is what sets America apart from other countries.

Furthermore, if all political factions and special interest groups would walk away from the “tit for tat” mentality that rages in this country, we would all be better off.

Come on everyone, take a deep breath!  Lighten up!


One response to “Political Correctness – Out of Control

  1. Cool post! I agree entirely. The issue of ensuring that all cultures/races/genders/etc are treated equally has become a facade. One is accused of being “prejudiced” (or something like it) if you use whatever the current “bad word” is, and the actual motivations behind the prejudices that exist are allowed to slip by, thankful for the red herring that is a “politically correct” class name.

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