Tiger – Cat Scratch Fever

Symptoms of Cat Scratch Fever include, but, are not limited to: bumps, fever, fatigue, headaches, and overall discomfort.  I am betting Tiger Woods has had all these symptoms and more since his involvement with dozens of “kittens” over the past years.  And, if he is truly in re-hab for the disease, you can be sure he is itching to get out!  And while CSF is not contagious, I imagine that Elin kept her distance for a long time.

Humor aside, I will be glad to see Tiger come back to the PGA Tour.  The tournaments, so far this year, have been BORING to watch.  Week after week, some pro lays up on the last hole instead of being bold and aggressive.  Just plain vanilla!!  And, Phil can’t concentrate on winning while defending himself against his grandfathered, but, illegal wedges.

Tiger’s reputation will be forever sullied….like Pete Rose, McGuire, etc.! But he is exciting to watch; and the game needs him!  Personally, I think Elin would be crazy for taking him back (but maybe they have different maritial attitudes in Sweden) because I don’t know how you would ever trust a person that cheated with multiple women for long periods.  Tiger’s escapades make John Edwards look like a choir-boy!  And, all of them thought they were “the one”…..damn, Tiger REALLY is good!!!

Morality aside, come on back, Tiger; the tour needs you to add some spice to the current bland recipe.


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