Danger, Repubs, Danger!!

The Republicans (and Will Robinson) should be looking over their shoulders!  Obama has invited them to take part in a televised half-day summit on the healthcare issue at the end of this month.  What is his real motive?  It is hard to believe that he really, sincerely wants Republican advice since the Dems have excluded the minority party from the debate for a full year! Where were the cameras then?  And, Pelosi is still insisting on a “public option!” It could be just a ruse to suck them in and then play the blame game when a compromise that includes the “public option” cannot be reached.  And, we all know that the Republicans and many centrists Democrats (along with the majority of the American public) don’t want the government meddling in our healthcare! It looks like a set-up to me!  Unless the “public option” is pulled completely, these “talks” are a waste of time.  Is this just another ” blame game ploy” that all of us are tired of?  They need to focus on what the American people have shouted from the roof-tops: realistic, common sense solutions that come in the form of small reform bills…not an all-encompassing bill that has the government taking over our healthcare system.  A good start would be to clean up  fraud and inefficiency, develop competition across state lines,  institute tort reform, and changes made in an orderly gradual way.  This is not the “crisis” that Obama has tried to sell the public with his constant fear tactics!

So, Republicans, you have an opportunity to put forward a plan that makes common sense to the American people.  Otherwise, Obama will continue to label you as “obstructionists” and use that label to push a bill though via reconciliation!  Repubs, you wanted into the fray, well, now you have your chance.  If you blow it, the Dems will feel more empowered!  If you offer reasonable solutions (not just bullet-points and rhetoric), then you will be perceived positively.

But, nice play, Obama!  You are calling their hand!  It’s put up or shut up time!

It is naïve, I know, but I wish both parties would stop the partisan games  and work together for real achievable solutions!  I doubt it will happen; but, I can hope!


2 responses to “Danger, Repubs, Danger!!

  1. Yes, it is “put up or shut up” time. Indeed, long past it if you ask me.

    As to the public nature of these meetings, I personally think that is a mistake. Such a forum leads only to political posturing, not a real search for solutions. And solutions are needed. The fact that health care costs have for years and continue to well outpace the rate of inflation, that many cannot get health care insurance (even if they can afford it) due to antiquated insurance rules on pre-existing conditions, and the fact that health care can be denied/capped must be addressed. The tort reform is a red-herring. Even if the myth of “defensive medicine” in fear of lawsuits was true, it represents less than 2% of costs. And one must only look to TX to see how placing a cap on tort recovery (now at actual expenses plus $250k, even if your drunk doctor made you a vegetable for life, unable to support your family) does not actually bring down insurance costs. It does, however, increase the doctor’s take home pay…

    One last note – keep ’em coming, Bob. This is fun 🙂

  2. For a historical perspective on the partisanship (yes, a word) that exists in our national politics today look back to the early 1990’s when Newt Gingrich was approached by the then Speaker of the House Richard Gephart who asked what role the Republicans wanted to play in terms of developing a joint health care reform bill. Newt’s answer was to say that the Republican’s sole goal was to defeat ANY attempt at ANY reform, including reform that the Republicans had supported in the past. His admitted reason – to ensure that the Democrats could receive no credit for success, and thus set the Republicans up for a return to a controlling majority in both chambers of Congress.

    And therein lies the problem that still exists today – who has the power (i.e., the big offices) has become more important than governing, even when there exists common ground. Put another way, if the other guys lose, we win…

    And BTW, no idea who this “Jim” guy is, Bob. My name is “Swordfish…”

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