Domestic Tranquility – Questions from Guys #1

A couple of days ago, I got a comment from a “guy” in Texas who was seeking some advice on a problem with his spouse.  It was never my intention to set up a Q&A, but it  might be fun in some special cases.  So here is his comment and my response.

I live near Beaumont, TX., and  have been married to Thelma Mae for near-on-to 25 years.  I got a small truck repair business and Thelma Mae heps me out with the books every now and again.  I reckon she has always been good at ciphering numbers and stuff.  Well, last week, she went to get herself a permanent (I don’t reckon I’ll ever figure why they call them “permanents” when she gets one every month or so). She goes to her couzin’s beauty shop, Lil’ Jill’s House of Beauty and Taxidermy. (Between you and me, Jill ain’t little and she ain’t no beauty!)  When Thelma Mae got home, I noticed that her hair was blue…and commented on it as such.  Well, Thelma Mae got hoppin’ mad and hit me with a big ‘ole cresent wrench.  It ain’t the first time she has hit me, but it sure hurt worser than the others.  What did I do wrong?
      Bubba (with a big knot on my head!)

Bubba, I’m surprised that even a brain cell challenged guy like you wouldn’t have enough sense (common or otherwise) to ever say something negative about your wife’s hair…no matter how ridiculous it may look to you.   Hair is one of the big  relationship traps.  Unless you want more knots on your rock-hard head, you better tell Thelma Mae that you love her hair….no matter what!  Wise up, Bubba!

And my advice to Bubba applies to all the guys out there.  Your lady’s hair is sacred! Compliment  it always….or Hell will descend upon you!


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