Tragedy in Austin – Another Kook

A psychopath who moved to Austin, Texas in 2003 from Lincoln, California, crashed his small plane into the Echelon Building because he was angry at the IRS due to his own personal failures.  This vain, arrogant prick posted a 3,200 word missive on his website trying to rationalize his abhorrent behavior, citing “Big Brother” as being more than he could handle.  May you rot in Hell, you cowardly bastard!!

This domestic terrorist was a misguided soul that sort to murder innocent people due to his own inadequacies. Police had previously been called to the home he burned down today hours  before flying his plane into the building.  It is a blessing that, so far, there appears to be only one other fatality. 

I will not dignify this pathetic POS by using his name.  The commercial media has spent the entire day publicising this incident…probably bringing encouragement to some other equally pathetic and demented souls that may hope to live on in infamy at the expense of other’s lives.  Thank God, he is dead….at least, the state of Texas is spared the expense of a lengthy trial in which this maniac would be given a platform to spew his hatred.


One response to “Tragedy in Austin – Another Kook

  1. Here is a link to the “statement” he posted as justification for his actions:

    On another, related point, I think it will be interesting to see who on the right (e.g., Limbaugh, Beck, Hanity) while condemning this fucker’s actions will nonetheless assert a “justification” based on the IRS, Obama, whatever. Indeed, a lot of what this guy posted has been said in the past by this same trio of dimwits….

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