Obama Healthcare Poll Data

Below is the current poll data on the Obama Healthcare Initiative:

                                          %For                     %Against
Real Clear Politics        38                             52
Newsweek                        40                            49
Rasmussen                       39                            58
ABC/Wash. Post             46                            49
CNN                                     38                            58
USA Today                        39                           55

No wonder the Democrats in the House and Senate are wavering on following Obama’s Administration off the plank!  And there are many Progressives that claim the plan is popular!  Maybe with them….but not the general public.  If they persist with an unpopular agenda, they will be putting the gun to their temple!

P.S. Late today, the AP reported  on a poll citing that only 32% of Americans felt that Congress should pass either the House or Senate Bill.

P.S.S.  It’s about to get real interesting!!!!!!!


10 responses to “Obama Healthcare Poll Data

  1. Notably, what you have posted ignores those polls in which the elements of the currently proposed plan are presented separately and get a very favorable response.

    One has to give credit to the Republicans for their success in negatively labeling the proposal as they have and by doing so taken the debate from the facts/issues to one of personality (e.g. “Obama Care” or “Reid/Pelosi Socialized Western European Healthcare.”

  2. But….the plan is the sum of it’s individual parts. Maybe we should vote on each element independently……at least, the public would be clearly informed on what that element really means and what it will cost! Of course, that would take f-o-r-e-v-e-r! The public is gullible; but not as stupid as the far left believes!

  3. The poll numbers on overall healthcare (which has the public option as it’s centerpoint) speak for themselves.

  4. Polls themselves can easily distort the public’s position on an issue. For examples, just Google the RNC’s (Steele’s) recent mailing (“Obama Agenda Survey, found at http://thestoppedclock.blogspot.com/2010/02/rncs-2010-obama-agenda-survey-push-poll.html

    Yes, as Bob correctly states, the overhaul of our broken health care system is indeed the sum of the parts under consideration, and it is true that polls on those specific parts do indeed indicate a majority support for nearly all of them.

    And would someone help me out as to what is wrong with a “public option?” Isn’t that what our seniors already have with Medicare? And for those who say its lesser costs will put the insurance companies at a disadvantage (with their 22+% admin costs), what is wrong with that? Isn’t competition the cornerstone of our capitalistic system (and effectively nonexistent today when it comes to health care insurance)?

  5. One last note – the plan President Obama has published does NOT include a public option…

  6. Swordfish, you are correct that the plan posted today does not contain a public option. But that does not mean that when the “summit” proves to be a farce that the spector of the public option will not rise again. And, yes, Medicare is single payer, mandated system….in which if one doesn’t own a private supplemental insurance program, one can have major cost issues and difficulty seeing a healthcare provider.

  7. So I ask again, what’s wrong with having a voluntary public option? And please don’t tell me employers will drop health care coverage for their employees if a public option exists. Employers do not provide health care coverage for benevolent reasons. They provide it to attract and retain employees. The existence of a public option will not change this, unless of course their employees and potential employees would rather buy their insurance from the public option, in which case I don’t know of an employer that wouldn’t prefer to get out of the health care business and pass those savings to their employees (higher pay) and allow them to buy their own insurance. Right now they can’t do this as there is no effective option for the individual purchaser, so we have this incredibly inefficient means of delivering coverage (employer based). And the only way this might change would be if the public option was in fact a better (i.e., more desireable) choice. If this indeed became the case, what would be wrong with that, and if it did not, what would be wrong with providing the public option for the individual (self or unemployed; or retired but under 65) seeking cost effective health care coverage?

    • Voluntary, you say!!! There is nothing “voluntary” about Medicare…..you must sign up or you are screwed! I would have loved to retain my employer plan…..but could not! When we talk about the so-called public option, let’s be fair about the voluntary vs the mandated part!!

  8. There is absolutely NO requirement that anyone use Medicare benefits. They are there, however, for anyone 65 or older to draw upon for the very reason you suggest – no alternative coverage. As to retaining your employer plan, after leaving work you had the right to do so for at least 18 months, but at your cost, not subsidized by your employer (COBRA). The cost of that coverage, which after COBRA expired you most likely could have continued, is very expensive which is exactly why I suspect you chose, voluntarily, Medicare – cost.

  9. O96:

    Further to our conversation earlier today, I provide the following:

    The Medicare tax rate is 2.9% for the employee and the employer. You will withhold 1.45% of an employee’s wages and pay a matching amount for Medicare tax. There is no wage base for the Medicare portion of the FICA tax. Both the employer and the employee continue to pay Medicare tax, no matter how much is earned.

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