Summit vs. Gauntlet

The Heathcare Summit ended with Obama throwing down the gauntlet and threatening those that oppose his “comprehensive” healthcare reform measures.   It is clear that “baby steps” are not going to be tolerated by the Dems; and the divide between the parties is getting wider.  At times, the president’s body language spoke volumes about his  lack of interest in what others had to say.  In the end, he resorted to blaming the Repubs and chastising them for not agreeing with his vision for government overhaul.  He was rude to Senator McCain and generally portrayed his elitist attitude as he cajoled and rebutted the suggestions made to him.  To say he was condescending is to put in mildly.  Overall, the Republicans came off as being better prepared and knowledgeable on the issue of healthcare; and the Dems (Rangel and others) relied on scolding and snipping to put their unpopular message forward.  Obama’s analogy about credit cards and healthcare was absurd and totally lost me!

It is clear to me that reconciliation will be the result of today’s sideshow.  Obama has given 4-6 weeks for a comprehensive plan or “that’s what elections are for!”   The corrosive debate continues…another wasted day that could have been used to find ways to create jobs so Americans could afford healthcare and so businesses could offer benefits to employees.  A major disappointment…..but no surprise!


2 responses to “Summit vs. Gauntlet

  1. It was all a sham! The left has decided the damage from passing a bad bill is less than passing no bill. They will not compromise! Consider it a done deal!

  2. We needs insurance. Pass the bill.. Republicans are crazy.

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