Who Really Cares About Deficit Spending?

An old friend and I were commiserating today about the federal budget and the seemingly out of control spending that has overtaken Congress in the past decade or so!  The notion that the interest on the country’s  debt will approach $800 billion soon is very troubling to us.  But, as we chatted it became clear that the only people who seem to care are folks who are retired!  The young people just don’t seem to be concerned at all.  When I think back to my 20’s and 30’s, I was consumed with my family, my job, and myself!  My dad was always bitching about the money the government was spending, but I was not moved by his rantings.  Now that I am approaching my 50’s and am starting to get worried about what is going to happen in the next 5 to 10 years, I can understand what my father was fussing about.  Old folks are trying to tell us something; but we don’t seem to be attuned to the message.  We (and the people we elect) seem hell-bent on spending beyond the means of the country.  The country cannot balance it’s checkbook or it’s budget…..and not many people seem to care!

There is lots of tongue-wagging about healthcare and the general state of the economy; but, Congress just keeps spending and the Treasury just keeps printing dollars!  This is not sustainable!  And when the “stuff” hits the fan, we are all in big trouble.  Inflation will overtake wages and the countries that own our debt will be big influences in how this country operates.

The only way to balance the budget and reduce the deficit is to stop spending money…..we must cut back!  That means that everyone will have to do with a little less.  Entitlement programs (noble that they may seem), social programs, and general government spending must go down! Government must be downsized!  We can no longer create more federal jobs (in fact, the number of government employees at all levels of government must be reduced)….we need to create private jobs! Legislators are like drunken sailors on leave…..except the drunken sailors actually have cash to spend…..and we don’t.  Legislators have mortgaged our future just like many homeowners that should have never been given a line of credit to buy houses they could not afford.

There will be some pain for almost everyone.  But, we have no choice if we are to maintain our society.  This November, we need to send a message to everyone running for office that we will not tolerate the same old negligent ways of the past.  Any politician (Democrat or Republican) that does not promise to balance the budget and reduce the deficit should be skewered at the polls!  The time has come to stand tall and confront the maniacs that are ruining this country!  We need a new beginning! NOW!

P.S.  The Congressional Budget Office just released its estimate of Obama’s projected budget deficit for the next decade!  Guess the number!  If you guessed $900 BILLION per year, you are the winner of an empty bag of air (i.e., your wallet in 10 years)!  That is $9.8 TRILLION for the forward 10 years!!!  We are so screwed!!!


3 responses to “Who Really Cares About Deficit Spending?

  1. Read the article by Fareed Zakaria entitled “Defusing the Debt Bomb.” It is in the March 8th edition of Newsweek.

  2. Reply went to the wrong post…but, a good article. Social Security, though, is not an entitlement; we pay for that individually! A VAT is a good way to balance the tax load!

  3. Swordfish…did you read “Dear Keith Olbermann?”

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