Dennis, the Progressive Menace

Now that Dennis (the flaming liberal) Kucinich has announced his “Yes” vote for the obamanation called the Senate version of the takeover of one-sixth of the economy, our grandchildren are really screwed.  Thanks, Dennis!  Let’s remember that Dennis signed a commitment letter with fellow-House members NOT to support any healthcare proposal unless it had a “robust public option!”  Dennis also has stated that he has seen UFO’s!  He has sold his soul for a ride in Air Force One (maybe, he thought AF1 was his personal UFO) with the figure-head that is supposed to the leader of the free world; but, instead,  Obama is just another arrogant politician trying to force his “special interest” will on the American public with an unpopular, costly piece of socialistic legislation!  You can be sure that Obama convinced Dennis that this was just the first step to a “single payer system.” I fear this country is doomed unless voters unite and throw these progressive a-holes out of Congress!  Once passed (and now I would say it is an 80% certainty), there will be no way it can be repealed; and we will be stuck with higher taxes (small business penalties,  higher Medicare premiums, excise taxes, mandated purchase of healthcare, etc., etc.) at a time when the economy can least afford any barriers against new jobs!  And, no healthcare benefits until 2014!  Well done, Progressives!!!!  (And, don’t get me started on the arm-twisting, bribes, special favors, deals, etc., that have been doled out to get this far!  Real upfront, Barack!)

It truly baffles me why members of the House will not vote the will of their constituents.  The latest polls show the Healthcare Takeover is unpopular…..yet, that seems to mean nothing!  I believe that Obama knows that the Democrats are going to be steam-rolled (due to his poor leadership and lack of transparency) in November 2010; and he thinks if the ship is going down, then he will salvage all that he can.  He has thrown his own party members under the bus….and that makes it clear to me that he cares little about what America stands for!  His personal agenda is all that matters! He is certainly acting like a “one-termer” that continues to work his “entitlement” agenda!  Perhaps, he considers himself to be a scout warrior for the left…..willing to sacrifice himself for his own personal definition of the greater good!

A time of reckoning is upon us!  Time to stand up against the destructive forces in power in this country!  Our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves wondering when someone will come forward and take the helm of a ship that is cruising towards the rocks of socialism!

2010….Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


One response to “Dennis, the Progressive Menace

  1. Come on, don’t hold back. Tell us how your really feel…

    And BTW, it’s not a takeover of 1/6th of the economy. In fact, over 50% of all Americans already receive healthcare from a government program (Medicare, Medicaid, VA). And notably, those programs receive few complaints, although I join you in the belief that we must deal with properly funding them. Thus, the bill under consideration, which by no means is perfect, affects a much smaller part of our economy, and in no way to the negative extent the right is claiming (recall our earlier discussion that today the health care for those not paying is paid for by those of us who are, and is delivered in the most inefficient manners possible, e.g., through emergency rooms and without any preventive care measures.

    Our healthcare system is broken and cannot continue as is with 10%+++ increases in costs every year. The right has done nothing to deal with this reality. While flawed (which the products of most compromises are), the bill under consideration nonetheless moves us forward and deals with this unsustainable situation.

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