Panetta’s Comment: Smart or Stupid

Leon Panetta may have made a major mistake by touting that al-Qaeda is on the run!   It is not good to brag when you are fighting an enemy that has infinite patience and is capable of invisibly embedding themselves in our daily lives.  It is a little like Bush landing on an aircraft carrier with the banner boasting “Mission Accomplished!”

Sometimes, we don’t need to know everything that is happening in the world.  The true measure of success is a safe America.  We don’t need to challenge a group of radicals that believe their reward comes after their deaths.

Maybe, not so smart, Leon!


2 responses to “Panetta’s Comment: Smart or Stupid

  1. Or maybe he is tactically calling them, a ready trap at hand…

    Yes, there are many things we do not and will not ever know.

  2. Sadly, we are not that smart!

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