Obama’s Healthcare: Capstone or Headstone?

Now that Obama has cajoled, bribed, brow-beaten, arm-twisted, pressured, and bullied his fellow Democrats into passing legislation that 55% of  America is against, will it be his crowning achievement?  Or the gravestone on a failed presidency?  Capstone or Headstone?  That depends on your point of view. 

If you are a progressive, then you must feel that it’s about time this piece of “social legislation” passed; and you don’t think this “moral imperative” went far enough.  As a progressive (or socialist or whatever), you see this as just the beginning.  In a few years, America will embrace a “single payer” system and the “redistribution of wealth” train will be steaming down the twin silver lines of America’s heartland.  The sacrifice of a few seats in the House and Senate will be worth price of the bullets that were taken for the cause.  And beneficiaries of expanded, taxpayer subsidized healthcare will extol the wonder of what Obama has delivered to them; while hoping that the lid does not come off this “can of worms!”  Stupak sealed the deal when he accepted Obama’s pledge of an “executive order” restricting the use of federal funds for abortion.  However, Obama can rescind his “EO” at any future time; and so can any other future President.  Bottom line:  Another congressman caved under the pressure in an underhanded deal for his “Yes” vote.  Payback will be sweet!  Dancin’ in the streets!  

If you are in the 55% of Americans that oppose this intrusion into your private lives, you are down-right angry!   And, you feel betrayed by a system that embraced kick-backs, back-room deals, and coercion to take what you feel belongs to you and use it to benefit someone else.  And you feel snookered and helpless to do anything about it.  That kind of desperation is long-lasting and unforgiving!  You will look to exact revenge against those that violated your trust and failed to “vote their district!”  You will wait until November!  

Right now, Obama and his leftist inner circle are rejoicing on the wonderful thing they have done for America!  They truly believe that they know what is good regardless of public opinion.  And they believe they will be rewarded, ultimately, when the voters finally realize that the Great OZ really does know what was best.The situation will be roundly debated by pundits on NBC, Fox, NPR, etc.,  until we are nauseated!  And, it will be 10 or more years until we know what this legislation really means and what it truly costs (since the CBO assumptions are based of future actions that will never take place).  But, we will know in November 2010 if America is happy or angry about what happened in this debate. 

This legislation is very divisive; and will just deepen the divide withing the country.  So, will this be a capstone or a headstone!  I’m betting on a headstone!

P.S. What happens next?  Now the “reconciled” bill goes back to the Senate for approval of the “fixes!”  One would think this process will be smooth because the normal Senate filibuster rules do not apply and a simple majority vote will apply to the “reconciled” bill and any amendments proposed at the Senate.  But, there is a potential wrench in the works.  The Senate can invoke a “point of order”  (the Byrd Rule) that could strike down parts of the House amendments to the original Senate bill…and could, possibly, keep the “reconciled” bill from reaching the floor.  Fear not, progressives, the chances of that course of action succeeding to halt the legislation are small.  And, if any Senate amendments are passed, then the reconciled bill must go back to the House!  However, several amendments aimed at exposing the “devil’s details” will be brought to the floor…..as part of a strategy for the mid-term elections.   Maybe the fat lady has not finished her aria! 

P.S.S.  What about the Florida Attorney General and the suit that will come after the bill is signed?  The constitutionality of “mandates” will ultimately go to the US Supreme Court.  How many other states will follow suit?  And will they be successful.  Such a divisive issue!  

2010 – Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


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