Snookered, Sullied Stupak

The next time you want to insult someone who has been taken for a fool, just say he was “stupaked!”  Stupak was hoodwinked by Obama & Pelosi opening the door for passage of the largest entitlement program in the history of….. well, everywhere!!!  He folded like a cheap knife under the relentless pressure of the progressives…and then had the audacity to insult his former allies with a tart speech after the bill was passed.  What a complete butt-head!  For better or worse, Stupak will go down in history as the person that was responsible for the passage of the bill!

I know nothing about his Michigan congressional district, but, I hope he is soundly defeated in the November election.  Stupak is a snake in the grass!  A Benendict Arnold!  At least, you know what you get with Pelosi….she doesn’t even pretend to care about what anyone else wants!  But, Stupak made us all think he was a man of principle!  I guess he “stupaked” us!!


One response to “Snookered, Sullied Stupak

  1. You should read what Stupak had to say about the bill, both House and Senate. In fact, he has consistently been STRONGLY in favor of health care reform, never against it. His only issue was that he felt the language of the Senate bill did not fully preclude the use of federal tax monies for abortion. He NEVER opposed the underlying bill itself, and made that very clear throughout the final debate. To excoriate him alone for the passage of this legislation is unfair. Each and every vote is equal, and counts as one.

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