Social Justice – Mantra for the Progressives

We are hearing the phrase,  Social Justice,  more and more frequently.  The term pre-dates the 1800’s  in the Federalist Papers and the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.  Social Justice, as a concept, describes a movement towards a  “just” world.  The concept embraces human rights & equality and “involves a greater degree of economic egalitarianism through progressive taxation, income redistribution, and even property redistribution.”  I guess you can see where I am heading!!!

In an attempt to try to grasp what seems to be happening in America, I did a little research on Marxism, Socialism, and Communism.  Briefly, it seems that Marxism strives to eliminate class distinctions;  in socialism, profit is not the primary objective and class distinctions disappear; and  Communism seems to be Socialism on steroids.

All of these political philosophies tend to advocate societies that are largely classless where property is commonly controlled.  Marxism, Socialism, & Communism depend on something similar to a “single party political system.”   The single party could be Stalin, Mao, Hussein, Chavez, or any state/country/culture controlled by a small group!  In that respect, the current situation in America is a “single party political system”  in that the Democrats (more accurately the progressive left) control the Presidency and both houses of Congress. The Obama administration is in position to push through any agenda with control of the Senate and House.  The only fly in the ointment is the 41 Republicans in the Senate….and only if the Republicans unite and exercise the filibuster option to halt unpopular or progressive legislation.

Like many, I underestimated the resolve of Obama’s left.  After the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts, I thought healthcare takeover was dead.  But, the strategy of passing a bill in the Senate BEFORE Christmas and the Masssachusetts election  set in place the option to pass the Senate bill in the House even though it did not contain the “public option.”  Bart (Simpson??) Stupak is the person to praise or blame (depending on your point of view) for the passage of the Senate bill in the House.  He wilted and turned tail under the intense pressure of Obama paving the way for passage of the takeover.  And, while this bill doesn’t contain a “public option,” it is a giant step towards a “single-payer” system in the future.

Sure there are some positive features in the bill Obama has signed; but, the negatives include increased taxes, healthcare mandates, and budget deficits since there is no way that $500 Billion will be cut from Medicare and there is no way taxation on so-called “Cadillac” plans will take place.  Furthermore, the “doctor fix,” which is an integral part of healthcare, was not included in the legislation….another $250 Billion unaccounted for.

So, how is this “social justice?”  Yes, churches preach the spirit of charity towards our fellow-man.  But that charity is an individual, voluntary choice, not mandated or forced.  The progressive’s “social justice” is nothing more than redistribution of wealth for what they might see as a “moral imperative!”  They make it sound so good…but, if fact, it is akin to Communism, Socialism, & Marxism.  And these political philosophies are the antithesis of the Capitalist foundation of American society.

When will the American public wake from their complacent slumber and make a course correction?  I hope it will happen in November 2010!  But, in the meantime, we must fight off immigration reform (that will add $10-30 Billion to the cost of healthcare) and “cap-and-trade” which is just another form of redistribution of wealth & resources!

Social Justice…..a phrase that has become the mantra of the progressive left!  The chant grows louder each day!  It’s time to silence the noise!

2010….Withoubt Doubt, Vote Them Out!!


One response to “Social Justice – Mantra for the Progressives

  1. Actually, it is not the progressive left that is using the term “social justice.” Rather, that has been the mantra of the Limbaughs, Becks and Hannitys as they and their ilk to falsely label the Democrats. Yes, broadening health care coverage rights an inequity, and as such may be a form of social justice with those words given their true, dictionary meaning. That said, excepting the radical left (yes, both sides have one), Obama and the Democrats have nothing close to an agenda of socialism, Marxism, fascism, or my favorite cry of the right, communism. Were indeed the assertion most commonly heard from the right today that they (Obama and the Democrats) are pushing a “European Socialist” agenda, the bill passed last weekend would at a minimum created a public option, if not a single payer system. That did not happen.

    One other point to consider in this debate. Already today nearly 50% of Americans get their health care coverage via a government plan (note that I said coverage, not services). This includes Medicare, Medicaid, CHIPS, VA. It is a real stretch to assert that in any way the recently passed health care reform act somehow is this country’s first foray into “socialized medicine” let alone “social justice.” Indeed, hasn’t our federal AND state income taxes always been progressive in this same regard, with their higher rates for higher incomes? I am not saying this is right (I believe in a flat tax). I am, however, saying that our country from its inception has in many respects been based on a platform of “social justice.”

    All this said, my strongly held belief is that if we are going to pay taxes for services, make health care one of those services. Everyone would be covered, everyone would pay as they do today for services (progressive tax scale), and it would in fact be much more efficient. And do not confuse coverage/payment with delivery. As is the case with all government funded health care programs today (again Medicare, Medicaid, VA, CHIPS) the determination as to what health care is needed and delivered is determined between the patient and doctor, notably not the case when private insurance is involved (“Sorrry, sir, we don’t cover that…”).

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