Earth Day – April 22

Recently I saw a public service advertisement asking everyone to turn off their lights for one hour on Earth Day to celebrate the planet and raise awareness about the issues associated with climate change.  The ad featured a dozen or more  ‘tweens and teenagers with a classroom background implying that we, as a people, should be kind to the environment.  In fact, as I listened to the ad, I think I was supposed to feel guilty in some way.  But, as the ad approached its conclusion, I found myself getting pissed off!

The agency was using young people (who appeal to other young people) as propaganda tools scolding the rest of us for the damage we have done to Mother Earth.  Well,  I do realize that as the human race evolves, we are utilizing the resources of the Earth; and that, as a result of human progress, we are probably causing the planet to warm up a smidgen.  But, is climate change something we can profoundly affect?  Should I feel guilty?  Well, I am not sorry, at all!  In fact, I am  in the Dennis Miller camp on global warming!  Dennis believes “warmers” are a bunch of presumptuous, self-loathing egomaniacs who, as specks on the ass of the universe, can do little to cause irreparable harm to this planet!  Dennis (and I) think that the Earth can take care of itself and will do just fine on its own….thank you very much!

So, to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, Jane and I are going to turn on every light, TV, and computer in our house for one hour as our protest to those that would try  to make the rest of us feel guilty for living our lives!  And stop indoctrinating America’s youth!  Use a cross-section of society, not just kids!  Have a nice Earth Day!  Let the power (electricity, that is) be with you!


4 responses to “Earth Day – April 22

  1. Wow. Taking your scientific advise from a comedian? A bit thin, one might think…

    The fact is our planet is indeed warming. What remains subject to fair debate is why, to what extent (in terms of long term effects), and what – if anything – we can/should do about it.

    One thing is clear, though, and hopefully not subject to debate – efforts to promote conservation benefit us all, whether the planet is warming due to manmade causes or for other reasons (or a combination of both). These same efforts have been promoted by both sides of the debate and have even been taught in school since I went (a foggy number of decades ago). Indeed, Earth Day began in 1970, under that well known radical liberal Richard Nixon. Its establishment was not in the nature of propaganda, but rather an educational focus on our limited resources and how everyone, regardless of their beliefs as to “global warming” should appreciate mother earth and our duty to pass it along as unimpaired as possible to our children and beyond.

    To quote Theodore Roosevelt:

    “The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased; and not impaired in value.”

    Words well worth considering.

    BTW, to your point (and Professor Miller’s) that a 1-2 degree increase in the earth’s temperature (measured most effectively using our oceans, which are indeed its greatest mass) is a minor blip, consider how the human body reacts to such a change in its “eco-system.” There is a lot we do not know about climate change, its causes, ramifications (e.g., will it accelerate) and solutions. But lets not bury our heads in the sand and pretend it is not important. It is, and well worthy or our attention, research, and ultimately and hopefully factually considered, not emotional, debate.

    This, of course is just my opinion. I don’t necessarily agree with it….

  2. Swordfish….you are too funny! And well-informed! And humorous!

  3. irregardless of ‘climate change’ this should be seen as a good opportunity to consume less energy if only for one hour.

    When you just think of the non-renewable resources it takes to power the lights in your home, give them a break for an hour a year. It’s really not THAT much to ask I don’t think

    and this isn’t even crazy hippy shit I’m talking about, it’s just giving our consumption a rest for ONE HOUR!

  4. I’m with Bob on this one…..I’ll use what you save, Chris! In fact, I’m gonna plug is some stuff I don’t normally use!

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