Healthcare Threats

Much as been written and pundits have had a field day over the threats and vandalism that followed the House passage of the healthcare takeover. Claims that the situation has been “politicized” have been flying from both parties. House leaders, Hoyer & Boehner have condemned the threats against house members over the healthcare legislation vote.  But, since, this issue affects every American is one way or another, it is reasonable to expect that passions are running very high!  The underhanded and corrosive manner in which Obama shoved this unpopular legislation through the House is the main reason people are angry.  Today, a CBS poll showed that more than 60% of the public wants the Republicans to continue the fight against the healthcare takeover.  Having said that, threats and vandalism are not the American way!  And, no one should participate in any act that would harm another.  One should never condone such actions;   but, when they do happen, it should not be a huge surprise to anyone.  As Chris Rock would say, “I understand!”


8 responses to “Healthcare Threats

  1. Help me understand something. While the Republican issued talking point is to describe the action of the House to be “underhanded and corrosive,” can you share exactly why that is the case? As I recall, the House originally passed a reform bill by a majority vote, the Senate did so by a super majority, and the House then ratified the Senate version. This was all in full accord with the rules and indeed long existing practices of both legislative bodies. Now changes are under consideration, and no different than if such changes had been the result of a conference committee (usually made up of only a few members of each house of Congress and of the majority party) these changes will again be voted on by both houses. What, and particularly when compared to the pork normally added to every bill no matter its subject, are the underhanded actions you describe? Where is the corrosive nature of what was done? And please do not fall back on Boehner’s claim that no important legislation should ever be passed if no member of the minority votes for it. That has never been the case, and indeed until the filibuster began to be abused was never asserted. As I recall it was the American voters who elected a Democratic majority, and it is the rule and indeed law of our land that a majority vote be required to pass legislation.

    Come on, Bob, you can do better than to parrot Michael Steele…

  2. Calm down, Swordfish! You may be on the right side on how the process works….but you are on the wrong side of public opinion. Let’s wait until November….and then compare notes!

  3. Swordfish…who is Michael Steele?

  4. Chairman of the RNC:

    Michael Stephen Steele (born October 19, 1958) is an American politician, serving since January 2009 as the first African American chairman of the Republican National Committee.[2] From 2003 to 2007, he was the seventh Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, the first African American elected to statewide office in Maryland. During his time as Lieutenant Governor, he chaired the Minority Business Enterprise taskforce, actively promoting an expansion of affirmative action in the corporate world.[3]
    In 2006, Steele made an unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate, losing to Democrat Ben Cardin. He then served as chairman of GOPAC, the political training organization of the Republican party, was a political commentator for Fox News and a partner at the law firm of Dewey & LeBoeuf before making his bid for RNC Chairman. He co-founded the Republican Leadership Council, a “fiscally conservative and socially inclusive” political action committee, in 1993.[4]

  5. Good post! The Democrates are taking it in the shorts come November. They better get used to the heat!

  6. Then to your point should not the debate be on the merits of the bill, not a misrepresentation of the process or other pejorative distractions to the discussion?

    Yes, there will be an election this fall. My hope, however, is that the electorate will be respected enough by the candidate and their handlers to let the facts drive their votes, not the kind of Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh crap that pollutes our social discourse today, hence my umbrage at your characterization.

    Respectful umbrage, of course.

  7. Steele….that name is familiar, after all! Thanks, Swordfish……..gottcha!

  8. Of course….all due respect! Nothing like healthy dialogue, huh!?!?

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