Three Magic Words to Save Your Relationships

So, guys, you think you know the three most important words to say to your partner!   Sure you do… is obvious, isn’t it?  Well, let’s try out a few three word phrases and see if you can pick the winner!  Let’s start with, “I love you!”  Sounds good, right!  How about, “You’re so beautiful!”  That has a nice ring, too!  There are others:  “You’re the greatest!”  “My soul mate!”  “You’re the one!”  How am I doing so far? Well, if you picked any of the above, YOU ARE WRONG, AGAIN!

Let’s try some situations.  You come home and your wife has a new hair-do; or she has rearranged the furniture; or she has bought a new lamp; or she has on a new dress; or she has tried a new recipe for dinner; or….just about any situation you can imagine.  The correct answer that will keep your ass out of a crack is…..wait for it now…….”I LIKE IT!”

Try it out on any occasion and see if it works!  It is a “can’t miss!” Those three little words!  And you will have a temporary “get out of jail” card!  Repeat after me…..I like it!, I like it!, I like it!   (Of course, if you are Jesse James or Tiger Woods, there are no three word phrases that will save your butt….not even, “I’m so sorry!” You are toasted for life!)

But in everyday circumstances, “I LIKE IT!” will keep you in the main house……..not the dog house!

And for all the “Jane’s” out there, here are a couple of three word phrases that you can use with your guy that will handle almost all possible situations.  They are:  “Dinner is served!” “You’re so sexy!”  “Here’s the remote!”….preferably in that order!  Remember your guy is a simple organism that needs only a little attention!  And, ladies, try to refrain from the most obvious three word phrase  for your guy, “You’re so stupid!”


2 responses to “Three Magic Words to Save Your Relationships

  1. While you are clearly on to something, for me it has always been, “Honey, you were right. More importantly, I was wrong…”

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