And Behind Door #2 Is……….

Now that the sordid details are being revealed, Obama’s healthcare program may not be looking so good to the progressive faithful.  Caterpillar, Verizon, Deere , AT&T (~$1 Billion)  and other companies are reporting that the costs of providing federally mandated healthcare coverage to employees/retirees will become such a burden that they will have to lay off employees to offset the increased costs.  Well done, Obama!  That’s just what this country needs……more unemployed people!   Idiocy!!  Waxman and Stupak (aka The Traitor) have asked for supporting documentation…..another example of more federal intrusion into private enterprise!

And, many young, naive people and hard-core leftists will soon find out that their existing healthcare premiums will be going up to build a bank account for those with “pre-existing” conditions that must be covered.  How is your “change” vote working out for you now!?!?  You would not trust the “old folks,” now, you are going to pay….and keep paying until you will need a doctor to prescribe some medication to ease the pain.  Oops!  There won’t be as many doctors in the future…, maybe you can get your healthcare from the local drug dealer on the corner!  Maybe he can give you a temporary fix for depression, frustration, & whatever ails you!

As the layers of this foul, rotten onion are peeled back, more and more Americans are going to realize what a bill of goods they have been sold. (Actually, it wasn’t sold… was bribed, coerced, and pressured!)  And when America wakes up, there will be hell to pay for the Progressive Left’s push towards socialism.  Obama will go down in history as the “great divider” and will set the Progressive Movement back a couple of decades!!  Oh well, maybe Obama’s demise is not such a steep price to pay to gain back some centrist government in this once, great country!

Door #1 had all the splashy glitz of a Hollywood production!  Now, Door #2 is shaping up to be a House of Horrors!  More to follow!!


2 responses to “And Behind Door #2 Is……….

  1. These are non-case accounting adjustments and are being construed by some as the basis for a company claiming they cannot afford coverage they are already providing. They do not affect cash or cash flow, and thus should have no impact on a company’s real ability to continue to provide health care. Those threatening to reduce coverage are doing so based on the continuing increases to health care costs in general (recall the Republicans refused to consider any suggestion of a more efficient delivery and payment for health care (i.e., single payer) and scared off the Democrats from putting such real reform in place), and due to reductions in GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES in the form of tax breaks.

    The final chapter is no where near written. Do not get misled by those whose intent is singularly intended only to continue to fear monger this first step at reform (remember the “death panels?).

  2. What took you so long? You’re right…the final chapter is yet to be written! Blame those pesky Repubs….I forgot, what is the House majority? At last count, it was 235 to 177! And, in the Senate, wasn’t it 60 to 40 in December! Yeah, those Repubs are a force of nature, all right! Maybe the November mid-term will even up the count…you think!?!?!

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