America – A Selfish or Giving People

Recently, on CBS “60 Minutes,” one of the stories highlighted the AIDS epidemic in Uganda.  This sad commentary on the plight of an improvised country revealed that the medical professionals, who fight this disease that affects millions on the continent of Africa, receive much of their medicine and funding from the United States.  A local physician said that if it was not for the contributions and support from America, hundreds of thousands more would die.

So, that started me thinking about some of the comments that I hear from the media and some of our elected officials.  How often have you heard that America is a selfish country?  In one way or another, that sentiment is widely disseminated to the public.  Is it true?  In my view, hell no!

Which country is usually among the first on the scene of any disaster around the world?  You’ve got it….America!  Which country stays the longest and contributes the most money?  You got it, again….America!  So, when I hear people knock America for being a big, successful, SELFISH country,  it angers me because it is not true.

America is the most benevolent country in the world….without doubt! Think about it!  The earthquake in Haiti, the tsunami in Malaysia, hunger in Africa, and so on!  The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization funded by individual and corporate contributions from millions of US citizens.  Those citizens and corporations are  TAXPAYERS…just like you and me.  And when the Federal Government sends troops or supplies to foreign countries to provide aid, that money comes from TAXPAYERS, too!

We may be the most successful country in the world….but, let’s not forget that we are also the most  CHARITABLE country in the world, too!  When I hear our leaders apologizing for America’s actions around the world, it makes me furious…..and I am not alone.  When you really think about the situation, our leaders are criticizing you and me since it is our money that finances these efforts. For once, I’d like to see a leader stand up and say that he would not apologize for America’s actions!  Someone needs to take a stand for the truth about our country.  Let’s not bow to foreign leaders!  Let’s hold our heads high in the knowledge that America is a good place!  A place to be proud of!  A giving, benevolent people!


2 responses to “America – A Selfish or Giving People

  1. Cannot one do good on the one hand, but have acted poorly on the other in such a way so as to merit recognition of and contrition for the latter?

    I seem to recall a famous athlete recently in the news apologizing for certain behavior, and properly doing so. Yet this is the same athlete who has given more to the education of children and indeed is even the sponsor of a golf tournament dedicated to our country’s military men and women than probably any other superstar in our time.

    Hmm, it appears it may be possible to be the most giving, caring, generous person, or even country, yet still behave in a way in which recognition of our failings as a person or country is called for. Shoot, for that matter I seem to recall a lot of the same kind of talk lately coming from that small country located in the heart of Rome…

  2. Seems to me, you are right. Let’s focus on what Amercia does well, not what it does not! Since it is mostly good!

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