Obamacare’s First Casualty – Bart

Bart Stupak (aka the Traitor or the Sucker) announced that he would “retire” from Congress this year!  Boo hoo!  We’ll certainly miss you, Bart!!  He says that he could win re-election, but, instead, he is looking forward to a new challenge!  Sure!!!  Pretending to be a crusader, he said, “I’ve fought my whole career for health care, and thanks to Barack Obama and my colleagues, we’ve gotten it!”  Oh, goody!  More than half of America don’t want anything to do with your “accomplishment!”

The backlash of his betrayal of his principles has caused a furor in his home district and set the stage for a hard campaign to retain his seat.  So, he took the easy out….retire (when it gets tough)!  Just like Palin in Alaska!

My cynical side poses the question:  What will Bart do next?  If he gets a cushy position related to politics, then we can assume that the bribe for selling out was his reward!  If he returns to normal life, then we can assume that he just got snookered (like most Americans that voted for Obama) and he will have a tough time sleeping at night!

Either way, I am glad he is gone!  I hope he leads the pack of “soon-to-be-retired” Democrats.  Let’s add Spector, Reid, and the list goes on and on!

Bye, Bart, bye!  We won’t miss your two-faced smile!

P.S.  While Stupak was not the only person to vote for the healthcare overhaul, his change of position created the environment for the bill to pass.  Stupak will go down in history as the “guy” who is responsible for Obama’s socialist dream!  Shame on you, Bart!


2 responses to “Obamacare’s First Casualty – Bart

  1. Hmm, weren’t there more yes votes than just that of Representative Stupak?

  2. Hey Bob, can’t find your posting on the recent Obama nuclear treaty and policy announcements but thought you might be interested in the first 10 minutes of the Daily show from last night, which addressed how Fox News et al has been reporting the issue:


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