The Liberal Media Resurrection of Eliot Spitzer

What is the world coming to when a humiliated former governor is resurrected by the media for his opinion on any matter?  Eliot Spitzer has popped up on MSNBC, CNBC, and Bill Maher (HBO) in the past couple of weeks.  Spitzer was the subject of a scandal that was broken by the New York Times on March 10, 2008 and “Client-9” resigned on March 17.  He, reportedly, spent hundreds of thousand of dollars on hookers while he was in public office.

How does his view matter?  Why would the liberal media dredge up a guy that should have been prosecuted for the same crimes he was supposed to be enforcing by catching “johns” and prostitutes as New York’s Attorney General?  Is our society so sick that we must find comfort and counsel from people like Spitzer?  And, what is the media’s intent?

Frankly, I think the media is behaving disgracefully by providing Spitzer, and people like him, a platform.  He has ZERO credibility! No one cares what “Client-9” has to say!  It’s time to boycott irresponsible media!  Don’t watch their programming!  It’s time to bring some morality back into America!  And, time to bury scum like Eliot!


5 responses to “The Liberal Media Resurrection of Eliot Spitzer

  1. Wasn’t Col. Ollie North convicted of something a while back? I seem to recall that since then he had his own radio show, and indeed has been on a number of other news shows of a more conservative persuasion…

    Yes, and wasn’t Rush Limbaugh in a bit of trouble over drugs a while back?

    Oh, and isn’t Karl Rove doing a lot of Fox News work?

  2. Can’t argue your point…except Spitzer was so obsurd, he gets special recognition. And, it would not bother me if North and Rush were banned to the bushes of broadcasting, too!

  3. Wait, I almost forgot – Sen. David Vitter, the hooker king from Louisiana!

  4. Add him to the list of scum! We’ve had enough! 2010…Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!

  5. fantastic. equal opportunity.
    and while we’re at this, g newsom, for the completely ridiculous affair with married staff. (unless it was verifiably denied. i actually don’t keep up with scandals very well)
    you can be sure find on the web (partisan) *lists* of certain people who should stay quiet.

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