Is Tim Tebow a good pick for Denver?

The Denver Broncos surprised most of the NFL pundits when they picked Florida’s Tim Tebow in the first round of the draft.  They passed on Clausen (Notre Dame) and McCoy (Texas) who were ranked higher as quarterback prospects.  So, was it a good pick?  Time will tell.

As fan that enjoys collegiate and professional football, I have always felt that the college game was played with more passion and intensity than at the NFL level.  The spirit and rivalry of key college games is always higher than in the NFL.  Sure, the NFL players are the best athletes because they are the best of the college ranks in terms of mechanical skills.  They are the faster, bigger, and stronger at the pro level.

But, the pro teams go about football as a business; whereas, the college teams treat football with more enthusiasm and spirit.  With the rivalry games, like Texas/Oklahoma or any number of other conference match-ups, the feeling in the stadiums is electric.

Maybe, Tebow, a spiritual and emotional athlete can ignite his NFL teammates and add that extra incentive that can, many times, make the difference in the outcome of the game.  He has fire, a keen desire to win, and will never give up! Tebow has decent physical and technical skills; but, his real contribution to the Broncos may be his desire to excel and perform.

Is he a good pick?  I tend to think so…..he certainly is a winner in life and on the field!  A credit to himself and the game.


2 responses to “Is Tim Tebow a good pick for Denver?

  1. I am surprised you have not yet opined about Brian Davis and his true demonstration last week of real sportsmanship at the Verizon. Noting that a win would have ensured him a two year exemption on the Tour (something critical to a journeyman such as Davis), as far as I am concerned every tournament chairman should treat him as having such if ever he may have to write for a sponsor’s invitation.

  2. Agree…he is a touch of class! Not the first time it has happened in golf, so I didn’t think it too unique! But, compared to the pompus a-holes in other professional sports, it was truly noteworthy! Sponsors will not forget Brian, either!

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