Go, Jan, Go!!

Arizona’s governor, Jan Brewer has signed a law that allows police in Arizona to do their jobs!   They can now stop any person suspected of being an illegal alien and ask for proof of their immigration status!  So, what is wrong with this measure!  Absolutely, nothing!!!!  In fact, it is shameful that all states cannot take the same action!

Is it racial profiling?  That will be the argument.  It is no surprise that almost all illegal immigrants are Hispanic! And, let’s not forget that it is a crime to be in this country illegally.  If police suspect anyone has broken the law they should have the right to stop them!  Will you be offended?  I won’t!   I have nothing to hide and am not breaking any laws…and, if I was, I’d expect to be caught and prosecuted for the violation.

Let’s get practical!  Border violence is out of control.  The flood gates are wide open for illegals to enter this country…..and it is high time someone took a stand.  No one is against immigration….done according to federal guidelines.  But, the namby-pamby, willy-nilly manner that the United States polices immigration is disgraceful!  The people of Tuscon and many other border towns are frightened out of their wits due to the violence associated with the illegal alien surge into and through their neighborhoods.

Our supreme leader and commander, Obama, calls the AZ bill “misguided!”  The only “misguided” person in this debate is Obama, himself!  The federal government has failed miserably in the issue of illegal immigration for more than a decade.  The Congresses under Clinton and Bush should have taken action to protect the citizens of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  If the federal government can’t or won’t do its job, then it is up to the states to take the actions they deem necessary to protect their citizens.  In addition to the violence issue, illegal immigration drives up the cost of America’s healthcare and social services.

Maybe this bold initiative will get Congress and the Obama Adminstration off their asses and tackle the problems of illegal immigration in America.  Good for you, Arizona!  And, good for you, Jan!  Let’s hope Texas and New Mexico follow suit.  I’m sorry to say that California is a lost cause!  Maybe San Francisco, a sanctuary city, will take the illegals from the other border states!  That’s a good place to start!  Let’s see how long it will take before the city of San Francisco changes its sanctuary status!

P.S. Please don’t give me the argument that the “illegals are just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families.”  While that may be true, the guilt trip won’t work on me!  There are legal procedures for coming into this country….everybody should be required to use them!  America cannot solve the problems of the whole world….though, it is a noble goal.  Let’s start by solving the ones we can!   Illegal immigration is a big one!


One response to “Go, Jan, Go!!

  1. Only problem is that pesky document (oft times ignored when not convenient) called the Constituion of the United States of America. It applies to all persons within the country, and indeed specifically prohibits the stopping of any person unless the police/government has probable cause to do so. This is why the cops cannot stop you for simply walking down the street, nor search your person, nor search your home. So I ask, on what basis other than skin color will those individuals be stopped and asked for ID (noting also that a national ID has always been opposed by both right and left)? And does thsi constitute the constitutionally required probable cause?

    No, it does not.

    While I know I will get the quote wrong, it still rings true – those willing to give up liberty for security get neither.

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