Why Not Come To America?

Immigration is the hot potato of the day!  Harry Reid thinks he can salvage his re-election hopes by jumping on the Hispanic bandwagon and take a pimped-out ride to victory in Nevada!  All he has to do is throw Arizona under the bus!   And, at the same time, he might kill the climate bill that has bi-partisan support (gosh, what the hell is that?) while he and Obama try to solidify the Hispanic voters that are already pissed off because Obama has done nothing for them since the Sotomayor nomination!

And, yet, the tsunami of illegals continues to flood across the borders in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  And, why not come to America…..illegally?  No matter!  America will hire you!  America will educate your kids!  America will provide you and your family with healthcare!  America will give you food stamps! And, you probably won’t have to pay one thin dime in taxes!  What a deal!  No wonder, Mexicans are willing to die to get here…sounds like the promised land, doesn’t it?

And, the federal government, to date, seems indifferent to the border murders, the terrorized neighborhoods, and the crime in the streets.  That’s our Congress…..just sticking their heads in the sand!  In that way, they will never see the tragedies going on around them!  Or the wasted taxpayer dollars needed to fund all these expenses. They subscribe to the Mushroom Theory  for us; just feed us some bullshit and leave us in the dark!   Well, Arizona has kicked down the door and let the sun shine through the cracks in the system.  All of a sudden, Congress and Obama think immigration is a big deal!  This week, Obama acknowledged that the federal government had failed miserably (another Bush and Clinton shortcoming) with regard to immigration.  But, immigration was not even on  his radar until the big stink from Jan Brewer came rolling from west to east!

Congress, in its own brand of wisdom, will probably take the easy way out and grant amnesty to all existing illegals…but will do nothing to stem the tide coming across the border. Arizona passed a bill that mirrors the existing U.S. Code….all the feds need to do is enforce the current statutes!  So, they will legitimize people who are currently breaking the federal law hoping the next adminstration and Congress will mop up their mess!  And, the beat goes on!

The American people are getting fed up with government inaction, in general!  It doesn’t much matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, the American voters regard politicians as lower than the proverbial “used car salesman!”  And, voters are going to kick a lot of these bums to the curb in November!  Congress has managed to piss off EVERYONE!  Now, that is usually hard to do…but, it is the only thing this Congress has been able to accomplish!  What a bunch of winners!

P.S.  By the way, if we want to slow down illegal immigration, the simplest and most cost-effective way is to levy a $10,000 fine per illegal on all businesses!  The doors will close almost immediately!!!!  Use the fines to pay for Medicaid!


2 responses to “Why Not Come To America?

  1. The recently passed law in AZ is not only unconstitutional (and will once in effect be quickly struck down), but in fact will do little to stop illegal immigration (does anyone really think those crossing our borders care one wit if doing so is illegal?).

    The only way to truly address the problem is to seal our borders. Period.

    As to how to treat with the 12 million PLUS illegals already here, many of whom are indeed working and paying taxes, that is another question altogether. But then, didn’t Reagan answer it once already by granting limited amnesty to those then similarly situated?

  2. You are correct….protecting the border is the only solution! Will Jan force that to happen? We’ll see. As to the illegals that are working and are willing to pay taxes……good for them! But, future immigrants need to come through the gates…not under or over them!

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