Tick, Tock……BOOM!

Last week-end, an explosive filled Pathfinder in Times Square was spotted by a street vendor!  On Christmas Day, a zealot set his underwear (and, hopefully, his genitalia) on fire in a failed attempt to blow up an international jet  landing in Detroit!  Earlier, in November, a whack-job in Fort Hood murdered 13 fellow soldiers and injured 30 others!  In summary, America has been under attack on three occasions in the past 6 months that have (or could have) brought about devastating results!  All of the perpetrators in these incidents had connections to the mid-eastern extremists that are sworn to destroy the United States!  What is the federal response?

The Obama administration would not even call the Fort Hood incident an act of terrorism until very recently!  It seems that the use of the word “terrorist” is not in the vocabulary of the current justice department.  Some really odd decisions have been made!  Closing Guantanamo starts the list.  Holding civilian trials for “enemy combatants” was absurd.  Trying KSM in NYC was another.  We have been lucky that the latest incidents did not kill hundreds of innocent people.

Yes, the authorities gets kudos for catching the Time Square suspect at JFK Airport.  But, our intelligence community was totally out to lunch on all of these incidents before they happened!  (Well, that’s not exactly true….there was plenty of warning on the Fort Hood shooter, but the Army was “afraid” to take action out of concern they would be charged with racially profiling the guy.)  The Intelligence Community has its hands tied on interrogation methods!  The American Judicial System slows the process to a crawl!  In short, we are so tied up in “political correctness,” we seem paralyzed when acting in our own self-interest!  We act scared of offending someone!  We are acting like a bunch of “pussies!”  If we don’t “man-up” soon, America will suffer increasingly serious terrorist attacks!  It is time to go  “Jack Bauer” on our enemies!  Time is running out!  Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!


One response to “Tick, Tock……BOOM!

  1. Bob:

    You seem to have forgotten the dozens of “plots” foiled well before fruition, some public and some not so public. In actuality, our various security services do an excellent job finding that proverbial “needle in a haystack” (recall where I used to work), and have as a result keep us quite safe. The same cannot be said for a number of other countries, to include for instance Great Britain, the victim of several recent successful attacks.

    Terrorism is not new, and we are not the only target in the world. We are, however, still free, and perhap only by our fingernails, still enjoying our liberties…

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