Freddie’s Failed Eye 2 Experiment

You may know Freddie from a prior post, “It’s Your Thing!”  Wednesday, I joined Freddie and Dave for our 7:48AM tee time at the golf club.  Freddie was sporting some different equipment… old set of Ping Eye 2 beryllium irons. If you are not a golfer, you may not find this interesting….but, keep reading, you might!!  Anyway, Freddie, like all golfers, is an habitual “tinkerer.”  By that I mean that all golfers screw with their games constantly searching for the permanent cure for hooks, slices, shanks, and yipes!  Hours on the practice range, putting greens, and reading articles from Golf Digest consume the life of an avid golfer.  The desire to play mistake free golf and strike the ball consistently can take on a life that makes an assistant crack whore’s addiction understandable!  (By the way, the word “golf” is never used as a verb by a serious golfer!   A real golfer will never “golf,” he will play “golf!”) For the uninitiated, golf is a twisted, evil mistress that will drive you to the brink of suicide or worse….bowling!!

Part of the “tinkering” process is to try different clubs….since the problem is not really our abilities… is the equipment!  The truth is: It is the Indian, not the arrow, that misses the mark!  But, I digress.  Freddie switched out his regular irons for an older set of Ping Eye 2 irons as an experiment to see it they would improve his game.  Well, at the end of the day, Freddie was reaching into his “man purse,” extracting $5 from his new wallet (embossed with a golfer on the fine, genuine leather exterior) and neatly folding the score card before depositing it into the grated storm drain beside the 18th green.  Needless to say, he was not amused by the events of the day!

Again, I digress.  Golf, being a twisted mistress, has the capabilities of taking you to the mountain tops, only to throw your ass to the wolves with the next swing of the club!  That’s why we all tinker!  Get some new clubs..the more expensive they are, the better they will be!  Right!?!? I’ll keep my head down a little longer!  Maybe I should pause at the top of my swing!  I’ll work on my tempo tomorrow!  Swing with my clavicle!!! (Inside joke!)  Call it tinkering or just experimenting.  But, we all do it!  All the time!

P.S. Freddie’s Ping Eye 2 clubs are currently on eBay for sale!  Dave’s game is “under construction!”  And, I can’t putt for shit!  We all played like high-grass hackers!  So, I will tinker tomorrow and be ready for the next round with my buddies!  Maybe I’ll get it right!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!


2 responses to “Freddie’s Failed Eye 2 Experiment

  1. Indeed, I played the same clubs for a bit back in the mid-80s. No feel whatsoever. But they sure went straight…

  2. I’ve come full circle back to 74 but still can’t putt well. By the way, my Ping Eye 2 sand wedge, which arrived today, is going back on eBay where it came from!

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