Obama must not be a country music fan!

Nashville was under water!  The costs will exceed $1.5 Billion!  A natural disaster!  A thousand-year event!  Where is our supreme leader?  Well, he never made it to Nashville, even though he made it to a fund-raiser or two!!  Since Tennessee voted for McCain (57%) to Obama’s paltry 41%, I guess Barack figured he had nothing to gain by putting in an appearance in the Volunteer State!  So much for Obama being the president of ALL of America!

It is time for America to d-i-v-o-r-c-e Obama!


5 responses to “Obama must not be a country music fan!

  1. My goodness. He declared it a federal national disaster area and immediately invoked FEMA. What good would a visit have done?

    Bob, surely you can find a more substantive basis for criticizing the president. I mean, sure, picking after the last one was easy, but come on, you can do much better, can’t you..?

  2. It is the little things that make a big difference. If you were in Nashville, this was a big deal. An opportunity wasted. Obama needs a public relations expert who is worth a crap!

  3. He is a beaut…for sure!

  4. Obama is interested in only ONE thing, OBAMA! He has an ego the size of Jupiter!

  5. I agree with Swordfish. This is a silly rant at best

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