Poor Arlen!!! Blanche to follow??

Pennsylvania has spoken….Specter is now retired!  The ultimate flip-flopper is put out to pasture by voters in the Keystone state.  Blanche Lincoln is unable to secure 50% plus 1 in Arkansas and will be forced into a run-off  election on June 8 to win the Democratic spot in the November mid-term elections.  Don’t try too hard, Blanche, because if you win the run-off, you will be defeated by the Republican (most likely Boozman)!

The Dems did win the only election that really counts today when Critz won and will fill the un-expired term of deceased John Murtha in western Pennsylvania.  Finally, Rand Paul, a newcomer to politics,  dealt a body punch to Mitch McConnell and the Republican machine in Kentucky with a blow out victory….watch out for him in November if he can mend his tea party fences!!

The message is clear:  Incumbents Beware!  The voting populus is pissed off!  The out-of-control spending has got to stop!  Government must get smaller!!   Deficits will no longer be tolerated!  America is waking up to the reality of what lies ahead without some restraint!  Congress must learn to listen!

2010….Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


One response to “Poor Arlen!!! Blanche to follow??

  1. Reading a bit much into all this, aren’t you? Arlen was beaten by a true progressive (and former Navy Admiral, too!). Blanche likewise ran poorly against a more liberal opponent (although the final outcome will be determined by a runoff). And finally, notwithstanding the Republicans’ crowing about the election in PA to replace Murtha being a referendum on President Obama, their candidate didn’t even come close.

    I think it is a stretch to suggest any of these races indicate a “vote them all out” result in November. Incumbents nearly always face challengers from both within and outside their party. Spector knew he was in trouble no matter which ticket he was on (the man bounced around like a golf ball on a cart path). Blanche was too moderate for the left and too liberal for the right. And Paul, well, the Tea Party may have rallied its troops for the prelims, but getting out enough wackos in the fall to overcome the party establishments is going to be a tough hill to climb, with or without Glen Beck’s help.

    Hey, and how come you haven’t spoken of the race to replace retiring Chris Dodd? Now that’s the one that just got interesting. Even Chris Matthews has called for Blumenthal to step away, and he well should.

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