Golfer No-No’s!

All golfers are “tinkers” as noted in earlier posts; and golf is a twisted mistress, to say the least.  Nevertheless, there are aspects of the game’s rules, etiquette,  and psyche that should not be violated if you are a serious player.  My political opposite, Swordfish, noted a couple of his pet peeves that started me thinking about some of the other “things” that bug most golfers.  In no particular order relative to rules and standard etiquette, let’s get started.  It pisses me off when:

-People don’t rack sand traps and leave foot prints everywhere

-People don’t replace their divots in fairways

-Guys sandbag to build their handicaps (you know who you are!)

-People invoke the “no laughing rule” (except for Dave)

-Guys pick up a 6 footer for par

-People don’t repair their ball marks on greens

-People don’t show the proper respect for the game and their fellow competitors

And, there are certain standards for golfing attire that cannot be violated.

-Never wear bowling shirts, tennis shoes, or muscle shirts

-Never wear jeans or leave your shirt-tail hanging out

-Never wear jogging pants

-And, for you ladies, never wear tank tops unless you are Pamela Anderson!

There are lots of others; maybe, on another day, we will go there!  Keep it in the fairway, hit ’em straight, and play FAST!

P.S.  You can learn a great deal about a person during a four-hour encounter on a golf course.  One’s character flaws will show prominently; and those with class and dignity will shine, too!


One response to “Golfer No-No’s!

  1. Well done, but you forgot to mention the importance of a well trained and attractive cart girl. Certainly critical to a truly enjoyable round of golf, and rarely given the credit they deserve.

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