I Will…….

As I think about my life,
     And what it is all about;
I need to rethink some things
     Of that there is no doubt!

I will think of things that I will do
      And not think of those I will not;
I will think about things in a different way,
     And, perhaps, it will change my lot.

I will think of last things first.
I will study a sunset.
I will memorize a rainbow.
I will listen to the wind.
I will count the petals of a rose.
I will set no goals for today.
I will keep a promise to myself.
I will show respect to everyone I meet.
I will kiss my daughters gently on the cheek.
I will smile with the one that I love.
I will paint a smile on another’s face.
I will hold a sparrow’s egg in my hand.
I will be a friend to my enemy.
I will take the narrow road.
I will remember my parents.
I will let myself be more vulnerable.
I will wipe away your tears.
I will feel the sunshine on my face.
I will make someone happy if they are sad.
I will walk in the morning dew.
I will taste the ocean on my lips.
I will count the grains of sand on my leg.
I will have more patience with myself.
I will seek out the knowledge of another.
I will challenge the fear of loss.
I will picture the union of two, and,
I will listen with my heart.

…..these are some of the things I will do!


One response to “I Will…….

  1. Add to your list a blog about bad people who do not rack traps.

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