Obama & Chicago-Style Politics in DC

Bribery, extortion, dirty deals, bullying, under the table, behind closed doors, etc.  Does it sound like some crime syndicate?  Could be, but it is not!  It is our Congress working with President Obama pretending that we are idiots and that we cannot see what is going on!   Let’s think back just a few months!  Does Mary Landeaux and the $200 million Lousiana Purchase ring a bell?  What about Ben Nelson and the Cornhusker Shuffle? Blanche Lincoln?  There are several others I could note  if I so desired.  And, there are probably many others we don’t know about….but, you get the point.  Obama sold our souls to get his vision of socialized healthcare through Congress come hell or high water.  Were there enough Democratic Congressman that were willing to stand up and say, “No More!”   Stupak, the turn-coat, was coerced into violating his principles and his change of heart allowed Congress to pass healthcare that 65% of America did not want. This is not how democracy is supposed to work! We should not condone actions within our government that would cause jail time if  those practices took place in the private sector!  Please!!  Jefferson, Madison, and the other founding fathers are spinning in their graves!  America has left its fundamental roots and embarked down the road to socialism.  Special interests (that Candidate Obama promised to exorcise from Washington) and Pelosi/Reid/Obama agreed to suspend the tax on the union Cadillac heath care plans until 2017.  Simply put, the rest of America gets to pay taxes for union members premium healthcare plans for the next 7 years.  Again, the average American is screwed by the process.

The latest Chicago-style political scam involves Joe Sestak and the un-named administration official that offered him a cushy federal job if he would drop out of the Democratic Primary race to unseat Arlen Spector in Pennsylvania!  Sestak has stated, on the record, at least four (4) times that a job offer was made.  But, someone has told him to shut up….and he refused to confirm the actual position.  Chicago-style!  Will he wind up in a Jersey landfill with a bird in his mouth? How is this different from Rod Blagojevich alleged actions?  It is influence peddling….not the “transparency” that Obama, the candidate, promised!  When, or if, the facts finally come out, there will be egg on the faces of several inner sanctum members…..and Obama, himself!  If, on the other hand, Sestak is lying, then his political career is over and the election in PA has been handed to a republican.  Either way, the Democrats are in big trouble on this scandal.

When will America shout, “Enough!”  I think it already has begun.  And, if things don’t change dramatically, the purge will become complete in November when the progressives are kicked out of Congress.  I believe that Obama realizes that he is a one-term wonder….and will push his personal agenda as far as he can!  His recent meeting with the Republicans was just window-dressing…..just like the healthcare summit when he appeared disinterested and bored through the entire meeting.



2 responses to “Obama & Chicago-Style Politics in DC

  1. Seems to me politics has been for as long as I can remember (and read in history) deal making and trades. And Chicago has no monopoly on that. Look to Tom Pendergast in the ’30s and ’40s, or even Tom the Hammer Delay in the ’90s for some real arm twisting politics. The former was from Kansas City and the latter from under a mushroom somewhere.

    Bob, nix the name calling. It adds no value to your arguments. Deals have always been made in Congress and always will be. Why else would both parties and both houses maintain a leadership position known as the “Whip?”

  2. Just cause it has always been done, does not make it correct! “Change!” “Yes, We Can!” What a load of ….!

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