Joe Sestak’ s Academy Award

Joe Sestak gave a superb performance during his off-the-cuff press conference trying to explain the “job” he was offered by the Obama Administration.  On four or more recent occasions, Joe (maybe we shall we call him, De Niro) specifically stated that he had been offered a “job” (not an advisory position) if he would not run against the flip-flopper, Arlen Spector.  The screenplay must have been written by the White House legal staff;  Rahm Emanuel directed the scene, coaching Joe how to look casual and sincere; and Obama hopes the production is a success!  Joe tried to come off credible  like, say,  Mr. Rogers….but, he was in the wrong neighborhood!

At best, this is nothing but garden variety politics…so much for Obama’s pledge for “change” and “transparency!”  At worst, there is a deeper cover-up that will rear its ugly head at some point down the road.  Either way, Joe is my new symbol for the corrupt, sleazy, lying politician!  He gets the little gold statue!

This is not over………..the stench will get worse!  The statue is made of fool’s gold!


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