Obama – A Guest Contributor’s Comments

I asked a friend what he thought about Obama….and below you will find his response in its original format via e-mail.  It is well written, concise, and, for me, very accurate.  If you are an everyday American, enjoy!  If you are on the political left or a member of Obama’s Entitlement Society, take heed!  My friend writes: 
I see Obama as a person who likes the idea of being President more than he likes being President.  Running for President was a political act.  It required organization, persuasion, manipulation, dissembling, and posturing.  Obama is skilled at these things. A campaign is created out of whole cloth.  Obama did not have to step into an existing organization with projects in progress.
The position of POTUS requires strategic thinking, goal setting, and reactions to events often beyond one’s control.  Obama has been single-minded in his pursuit of his ideological objectives.  Examples include pursuit of the stimulus package; healthcare; green energy; don’t ask, don’t tell.  Obama has shown little interest in implementation of his priorities.  Have you heard him speak about healthcare since its passage?  To him, health care is off the checklist.  He signed the bill.  He can’t be bothered with the many, unintended consequences of this foolish law.
Items not on Obama’s checklist like the floods in Tennessee or the oil spill in the Gulf are annoyances.  These are only important if they reach the level of posing political peril.  The floods could be ignored since Tennessee did not vote for him and never will.  The oil spill on the other hand has reached critical mass as a political problem.  Environmentalists care about the spill even if it only affects a red state.  This is an opportunity to stop deep water drilling everywhere.  Although to most people, oily birds don’t equal black people sitting helplessly on a bridge, the spill is dirtying Obama’s hands and his reputation.  The media and the public wonder why he has time to fund raise for a ditzy Senator from California but can’t find the time to observe from the ground the worst environmental disaster in our Nation’s history.
Everything Obama does must be viewed through a political prism.  To successfully run for reelection, Obama must navigate real world waters, not just promise a chicken in every pot.  Obama won by convincing enough people that he is not George W. Bush.  He had no record to run on, or from, other than voting present a lot.  In 2012, Obama will have a (dismal) record to defend.  I’m betting he won’t even try to defend the indefensible.
I think Stump Woman (Hillary), Evan Bayh, and, probably others, will vie for the Democratic nomination.  Some will strive to get to the right of Obama.  Others will likely challenge from his left.  Obama is becoming politically toxic already.  The likely 2010 election debacle for the Democrats will be a game changer.  Lets hope we all survive that long. 
Additional comment is unnecessary and superfluous.  As Howard Cronkite, the most trusted man in America,  used to say:  “…and that’s the way it is!  Good night!”

2 responses to “Obama – A Guest Contributor’s Comments

  1. Very interesting perspective. His record is dismal, for sure. Wonder what he plans to check off next? Sestak should be his Waterloo; if not, then, BP’s spill!

  2. It’s pretty obvious that the whole Sestak thing stinks! Sestak, Emanuel, and Clinton have contrived a “plausible deniability” scheme (for Obama) to cover-up this mess. The WH got caught with their fingers in the jar…it is better to fess up than deny. I’ll bet Hillary is pissed off at Bill…..or he may be used as a pawn!

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