Latest Polls & Stats

For my friend who likes numbers, here are a few:

Obama Approval Rating as of 5/29 (Rasmussen) 40% Strongly Disapprove, 29% Strongly Approve

Obama Approval (Gallup) 45% Approve, 47% Disapprove

Obama’s Handling of the Gulf Spill (Rasmussen) 53% Very Poor,      43% Very Good

Reid vs. GOP in AZ (Rasmussen) GOP 50%, Reid 40%

Support of AZ Immigration Law – 70% of US Support the Bill

Texas Gov. Race:  Perry (GOP) 51%, White (Dem) 41%

That’s enough today…my head hurts because there is s-o-o-o many others that I could have added!


3 responses to “Latest Polls & Stats

  1. Measuring daily polls is absurd, as well you know. Whatever may have happened that day, or week, or month will skew any polling numbers. And using “strongly” to modify approval or disapproval ratings is likewise distortive of what people are really thinking. Other than making a long putt or a couple of other events modesty requires I not write about in this blog, there is not much I ever “strongly” approve of. But as I get older I find there’s a lot of crap I generally do strongly disapprove of, and that list seems to be getting longer and longer.

    Obama did not cause the spill, nor does he or our government have the wherewithall to stop it. And I find a bit comical those who criticize this reality to generally be the same folks calling for a smaller government, with less intrusive regulatory authority.

    So what does this all mean? Simple – I’m back, Bob.

    p.s. If all the Republicans can muster against Reid in NVis a former beauty contestant who thinks our health care system can be solved with a few chickens, we are all in a lot of trouble.

  2. And BTW, the latest Roper poll shows 65% disapprove of the job the Republicans in Congress are doing and only 31% approve.

    And another poll of only Republicans indicates a belief on those asked that Sarah Palin could do a better job as president than Mr. Obama, by a wide margin. Hmm, you and I agree that Ms. Palin is stupid. Thus, should we likewise conclude that based on this same poll that Republicans are stupid, at least those who were dumb enough to answer their phone and talk to a total stranger?

    Bring it on, blog-boy. I’ll go poll for poll with ya, even up, no strokes, and from the back tees.

  3. Blog-boy… about name calling! Tips at DCC…sounds good to me!

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