Domestic Tranquility – Pillows

Pillows!  Something soft that you sleep on at night!  A variety of bags filled with goose down, Damask synthetic, foam, and more that can be molded to any shape to ease your path into the dream state. Pretty simple, huh!?!

Well, as Jane has repeatedly demonstrated, pillows are not for sleeping..they are for decorating  her nest!  The bed in our (hers, really!!!) bedroom is covered by nine pillows.  Two of them we use at night…the other seven are for Jane’s friends as they “ooh & aah” when they come over to the house!  I thought it was just a “Jane thing” until I spent the night with a friend when I was out-of-town.  His wife had eight pillows on the guest room bed! 

Just out of curiosity, I actually counted the number of pillows in our home!  Based of the premise of this post, you will not be surprised to learn that 52 pillows adorn our beds, sofas, & chairs!  52!!!  I could not believe it!  Admittedly, a precious few are actually pillows for the beds; but the overwhelming majority (like the percentage of America that supports the AZ Immigration Law) are decorative pillows!  Furthermore, tucked away in a corner of the closet are 8 “pillows-in-waiting!” These are bench players awaiting their turn to get into the big game just in case one of the regular 52 should draw Jane’s  ire for any reason!

I’m afraid to ask Jane how much they cost or how much time she spent at St. Macy’s (see the earlier post on Shopping) worshiping at the Pillow Altar!  Jane is a perfectionist when it comes to her nest….and every pillow had to pass several tests to get into the house.  The most important test was the exact shade that would complement the decor of the room.  Next, it would have to be the correct shape; then, the correct size!  One test decorative pillows do not have to pass is the comfort test!  It’s all about the overall theme!

Even though, we have pillows running out of our ears, I must admit that Jane has done a great job decorating our home!   So when your lady comes home with a few new pillows, remember that it is a genetic predisposition and…………you like it! You really like it!


2 responses to “Domestic Tranquility – Pillows

  1. I like the pillows on our bed. Indeed, I’ve gotten pretty good at throwing them off at night into a single pile on the leather chair in the corner, which from 25 feet is no easy task. Par is five out of eight. Eagled it once with a seven, but never aced it with an eight.

    And now that I think about it, why the f&$% do we have a leather chair in our bedroom?

  2. ….but you like it!!!!!!!!!! Right?!?!

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