James Cameron + BP = Holy Crap!!!

You just can’t make this shit up!  The EPA has asked  James Cameron, the billionaire Canadian, who made the blockbusters, Avatar, Titanic, & Terminator, for his ideas on how to proceed with the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico!  Have I gone mad?  Is this really happening?  Am I in some alternate universe? This administration is unbelievable!   F#@k me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s pray that Obama’s administration will ask ExxonMobil and Chevron if they have any ideas to help…..because they, at least, have some competent and experienced people to put on the task!  James Cameron?!?!?  Why not ask Soupy Sales…..oh yeah, he’s dead!!  I am incredulous at this news story!!!  I truly think my head is going to explode!!!  This is ridiculous! Maybe we should ask some of the PhD’s from Harvard what they think?  Surely, there must be an answer that academia can provide that will make this problem go away in a day or two!

And to top off the day,  the moronic Attorney General of the US, Eric “dumbass” Holder, has announced plans to criminally investigate BP!  They may deserve it, but the timing is horrible!  He plans to take “responsibility for upholding our laws”….but, he turns a blind eye to the existing federal immigration laws!  Does he think we are stupid????   As if BP doesn’t already have enough incentive to cap this well!  My God, these people are so far off the deep end…..just a bunch of ideologues screwing with and politicizing  the greatest environmental disaster in our history!

Come on, November……put these morons out of business!  Find someone, anyone with  some common sense, not Ivy League educated, to run this country!  And while my rant continues, over time, we have been brainwashed into believing that the government will solve all our problems.  Take some responsiblity for ourselves!  Big Brother cannot solve the all our problems….stop with the entitlement society!!!

Jesus, this administration really PISSES me off!!!!


2 responses to “James Cameron + BP = Holy Crap!!!

  1. Actually, I believe the task force working this mess (which includes representatives from the government, industry – including other major oil companies like Exxon – and BP) called in Cameron for his expertise regarding underwater robotics. Believe it or not, he is a leader in this field.

    As to the criminal investigation, the public has been calling for such from day one. Why not state affirmatively that it is indeed taking place. For that matter, why shouldn’t it? Yes, BP has enormous incentive to stop the oil from flowing (they are already subject to a by the barrel fine), but that does not change the fact that criminal behavior may have taken place, behavior that the public has a right to have investigated and if found to have occurred those responsible should be prosecuted. BP has been aware this was taking place from the beginning, which is why a least two BP officials have refused to give testimony relying on their 5th amendment right to refuste.

    Don’t politicize this one. It is a catostrophy from any perspective.

  2. Catostrophy….I like it!!!

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