Obama’s Distraction Strategy

Obama has become the ultimate slight-of-hand president.  He constantly misdirects, deflects, distracts, and abuses his office to bolster his agenda and camouflage his ineptness as an executive.  He hoodwinked the American public with a healthcare program promising that everyone would be able to keep their existing plans; now we learn that the details will probably cause 50% of the public to, in fact, change their plans.  Somehow, he  intimidated Congress into passing a monster bill without even knowing the details.  That is the main reason that Congressmen will pay at the polls in November…incompetence!! 

When Arizona passed a bill to protect its citizens, Obama (through AG Holder) deflected the debate from the lawbreakers and thugs that come across the border to a conversation about racial profiling! 

He demonstrated his lack of leadership skills and business acumen in dealing with the Gulf spill by attacking BP, knee-jerking into shutting down off-shore drilling, and reacting too slowly in the response to clean up the beaches in the Gulf Coast.  And his ultimate demonstration of insensitivity was to compare the BP spill to the terror attacks of 9/11! Furthermore, he will politicize this disaster by pushing his clean energy legislation (cap & tax).  What a guy!!!  As Emanuel says:  Never miss an opportunity to use a crisis for political advantage.

I hope the people who voted for Obama in 2008 and beginning to see what their “chosen one” is really all about.  He is enamoured with being called the president, but he doesn’t want anything to do with the details of actually running the country.  Hillary looks pretty good now, doesn’t she? She is finally ahead of Obama in the polls!  Just click on “Keep Reading…”  for the latest op-ed by Dick Morris on Obama’s incompetence!



Published on DickMorris.com on June 14, 2010

Contrary to what the Constitution says, the president does not run the executive branch of the federal government. It runs itself. Following Newton’s Laws of Motion, it is “a body in motion that tends to remain in motion in the same direction and at the same speed unless acted upon by an outside force.” The bureaucracy keeps doing what it is programmed to do unless someone intervenes.

And that intervention is the proper job of the president. He has to step in, ask the right questions, get inside and outside advice, and decide how to intervene to move the bureaucracy one way or the other. President Clinton had an excellent sense of how to do this and when to get involved. President Obama does not.

When the spill started, he and his campaign staff – now transplanted to the White House – reacted the way a Senator or a candidate would, blaming British Petroleum, framing an issue against the oil company, and holding it accountable. But what he needed to do was to review the plans for coping with the disaster and intervene to move the bureaucracy in untraditional but more appropriate directions. Instead, he let business as usual and inertia move the process.

The president’s tardy requests for international assistance and his government’s bureaucratic response to their offers demonstrates his lack of command and control. The Washington Post reports that the Obama Administration initially “saw no need to accept offers of state-of-the-art skimmers, miles of boom or technical assistance from nations around the globe with experience fighting oil spills.” Arrogantly, State Department spokesman Gordon Duguid told reporters on May 19th “we’ll let BP decide what expertise they do need.”

Two weeks after the spill started, the State Department and the Coast Guard sought to figure out what aid they could use from abroad. On May 5th, the Department reported that thirteen international offers of aid had been tendered and the government would decide which to accept “in the next two days.” Two weeks later, it said that it did not need any of them.

Now, when it is too late, the U.S. has finally accepted Canada’s offer of 10,000 feet of boom. In late May it took 14,000 feet from Mexico, two skimmers from Mexico, and skimming systems from Norway and the Netherlands. Too little too late.

Why didn’t the Administration act sooner?

Bureaucratic obstacles stopped it and the president was not involved or active enough to sweep them aside.

Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr Christopher T. O’Neil said that “all qualifying offers of assistance have been accepted.” But this bureaucratic-speak did not mention that the Jones Act – an isolationist law passed in the 1920s that requires vessels working in American waters to be built and crewed by Americans – disqualified many of the offers of assistance. But Obama could have waived the Jones Act whenever he wanted to.

A Norwegian offer of a chemical dispersant was rejected by the EPA – more bureaucracy.

When Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal sought to create sand berms to keep oil away from the coastline, the Washington Post reported that he reached out to “the marine contractor Van Oord and the research institute Deltares…BP pledged $360 million for the plan, but U.S. dredging companies – which have less than one-fifth the capacity of Dutch dredging firms — objected to foreign companies’ participation.”

An activist, involved chief executive would have swept aside these impediments and demanded immediate action. He would have ridden roughshod over bureaucratic and political objections and gotten the cleanup underway.

But this president is no executive. He is a legislator – he is now pushing new environmental legislation. He is a lawyer – his Attorney General is investigating criminal charges against BP. He is a populist – he is quick to blame BP. He is a big spender – he wants a fund to pay the spill’s victims. He is all of these things. But he is no chief executive and that, unfortunately, is the job he was elected to do.


3 responses to “Obama’s Distraction Strategy

  1. I like Dick Morris (the old “Toe Sucker”). He never lets the facts get in the way, and is always able to make up the ones he needs.

    While I am not going to rebut each of his assertions (simply don’t have the time), I do suggest you Google Thad Allen’s very, very informative interview from last Thursday on NPR, where he addresses the misinformation Morris is espousing as fact. For instance, there is a very good reason many of the offers of assistance were declined – there was no room for the crafts involved to operate in and around where BP, the Coast Guard and others are already jammed in. He addresses the Jones Act, and contrary to Morris the President cannot simply ignore it.

    Morris is a political hack, trying to make this catastrophe into a political issue. This is the same guy who just weeks ago was clamoring about large government, government interference in private industry, and the greatness of unregulated free markets.

    No, the President cannot stop the leak. No, our government does not have the equipment or expertise to do so on its own. Yes, this has been a wake up for all of us that the risks of off-shore drilling are enormous.

    We have to learn from this, as with all history, or be condemned to repeat it.

  2. 4,000 rigs in the Gulf. 40 years of drilling. ONE accident! Enormous risks, come on! Do we ground planes every time there is a crash! The spill is a disaster, but one cannot eliminate risk altogether!

  3. Swordfish should learn the diference between off shore drilling and deep water drilling. BP drilled in deep water because the environmental wackos and their slaves, the Democrats, refuse to allow new permits for off shore drilling. Too bad Swordfish isn’t a real swordfish so he could soak up some of the oil Obama and his supporters are helplessly watching spew into the Gulf.
    There will be ample time for recriminations. Unfortunately that is all Obama is knows how to do. He is like an auditor, he comes in to shoot the wounded. Thad Allen is a good man. Obama is not.

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