Obama’s Clean Energy Speech – 6/15

June 15, 2010.  President’s Oval Office.  Prime time TV coverage.  A good time for Obama to use the power of his office to give assurance to the American people that the Gulf Spill is under control; and that the federal government is at the helm driving the ship.  Does he grasp the opportunity?  No!  Hell, no!  He spoke to us as if we were 5-year-old kids, gesturing, and acting like the kindergarten teacher upset with the class.  Sad!

The first one-third of the speech rambled on about the issues in the Gulf and the inadequacy if the MMS….for the past 10 years. Another shot at the Bush Administration…will he ever learn to take some responsibility! Then he spent the last two-thirds talking about his dream for clean energy.  Never once did he state that his #1 priority was to stop the damn leak!  How can this man not address the most important question on everyone’s mind  face-to-face?  He has no answers….he is just a dreamer with no clue about how to accomplish the minutia involved in completing a task!  He is clueless!!

He has seized this disaster to politicize his clean energy initiative!  He has no clue how to get to clean energy, but he is willing to spend billions to embark on a journey without any road maps!  Jimmy Carter spend hundreds of millions on synthetic fuels…..and it turned out to be an economic disaster.  Billions were spent on ethanol…..a total waste!  Now, Obama wants to take a country with a $13 Trillion deficit with a soon-to-be broken healthcare system,  almost 10% unemployment, and little hope for a quick turnaround, and push a pie-in-the-sky clean energy pipe-dream down the collective throats of the public.  Barack….it will not fly!!!!  Enough is enough!  Bobby Jindal got it right…he said that the government had failed the people of the Gulf! 

This is no time to be politic…..leaders inspire!  Obama has missed the mark….again!!!!!!!!!


2 responses to “Obama’s Clean Energy Speech – 6/15

  1. Bob:

    Do you not see the irony of your remarks? One the one hand you attack our President for his efforts to regulate health care (its accessibility and coverage), and at the same time attack him for the federal government’s inability (yes, that is indeed the case), to cap the well? The simple fact of the matter is that ONLY the oil companies have the equipment and expertise to clean up this mess – a mess that in obtaining approvals for their drilling they said (1) would not occur and (2) could and would be easily contained.

    I listened to the same speech. In fact, I listened to some of it twice. Personally, I thought it could have been better written. But that said, it was a speech our last President could also have delivered, and if I recall correctly did with regard to a number of aspects, not the least of which is President Bush’s call, like Obama’s, for a cessation to our addiction to fossil fuels.

    No, he did not offer a specific pathway to alternative energies, just as Kennedy did not offer the specifics as to just exactly how we were going to get to the moon. What he did set is a goal, one I hope we all can commit to, and that is the same goal Bush had – get us off oil.

    Our dependence on foreign oil is not only costly, it is a threat to our national security. The facts, just as both have cited, is that we use 20% of the world’s oil and at best own or control only 2%. The “drill now, drill here, pay less” crowd (noticeably quiet right now) can’t continue to drive the boat. That boat is soon going to sink.

    There are real alternatives out there. If this is not a wakeup for ALL of us that we have to make a real national commitment to renewable energy, I for one don’t know what it will take.

    Oh, and Obama did take responsibility for MMS. Recall that while he stated that the department he inherited was soiled with corruption, he also stated that he did not do enough to immediately fix it (“We did not go deep enough…”).

    No, it was not a great speech, but the message was there nonetheless. And it was not that “I will stop the leak.” That would have been not only untrue, but inane. It was that we all have to come to grips with the risks attendant to pursing oil where it remains available.

  2. Swordfish….Funny, you think the feds can run healthcare. It is obvious they can’t do it cost effectively – medicare! Tonight’s speech was, at best, terrible….not only poorly written, but badly delivered. Obama is a one-term president.

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