McDowell Wins….Tiger, Ernie, & Phil Flop

Graeme McDowell, an outgoing, 30-year-old lad for Portrush, Northern Ireland, survived to win the US Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links with an even par total of 284.   Graeme’s final round score of 74 was one of the highest final rounds for winners of the Open.  The trophy was basically handed to him by the inexplicable poor play of Tiger Woods (75), Phil Mickelson (73), Ernie Els (73), & Dustin Johnson (82), the 54 hole leader who watched his 3 shot lead evaporate on his second hole of the day when he carded a triple bogey 7.  Tiger, Phil, & Ernie were all over par for the last nine holes….leaving the door wide open for McDowell to cruise to victory.  Good for Graeme…who seems to be a genuinely nice guy!  I’ll bet the Guinness is still flowing in NI!  Is he a deserving champion of the US Open?  Well, he shot the lowest 72 hole score as others wilted under the pressure.  Enough said!!

A couple of final comments.   Tiger Woods used the word, “process,” repeatedly during his interviews this week.  It was always about the “process.”  When he shot 66 on Saturday, he said it was all part of the “process!”  When he blew the tournament on Sunday, it was all part of the “process!”  I guess his public relations handlers must have tattooed “process” on his butt!  Tiger is not a sympathetic, likeable figure any more!

And is Pebble Beach the right place to hold a major championship?  It seems like everyone (Phil, Ernie, Tiger, et al) complained about the bumpy, poa annua grass on the tiny greens of PB!  Is it fair to hold a national championship on a course where luck plays an important role in the outcome?  And, should the 14th hole be re-designed?   When the world’s best players are making 7’s, 8’s, & 9’s  with wedges in their hands, it seems totally absurd to me!But, it is what it is!! 

As we say in golf, “There ain’t no pictures on the scorecard!”  And, the losers cry, “See you on #1 tomorrow!”

P.S. And, who would pay $500 to play a round of golf on that track….not me!!!   I’ve been there; and it is a beautiful place!  But, $500…no wonder the world views golfers as a bunch of elitist pricks!

2 responses to “McDowell Wins….Tiger, Ernie, & Phil Flop

  1. Nice summary. Well written.

    As to whether PB deserves to host the Open, well, the USGA sets a goal of even par to win it, and once again, even par won it, so it must be a proper track. That said, it’s interesting that the same course set up as normal comfortably hosts the ATT (or whatever its called now), and the scores are no where nearly as severe as they were for this Open. After walking Winged Foot during the last Open they gained a whole new appreciation for how the USGA sets up golf course.

    BTW, with a double on 14 and three three-putts Mary shot a smooth 81 today, notably beating Dustin Johnson’s 82…

  2. Its good to see a man win a tournament by playing the course as he found it. Unlike Tiger who trashed the PB set up, McDowell putted the greens well. Big drives sometimes wind up in big trouble. Ask Dustin Johnson. U.S. Open courses look more like European Tour venues than most PGA Tour stops. It is not surprising than European Tour veterans like McDowell, Havret, and Els finished near the top of the leaderboard. The number 1 and 2 players in the world were right there at the end. Kudos to the USGA for putting the best players in the world to the test. Golf was a winner today.

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