Is Obama really Anna?

A special contributor offers an interesting analogy between the Obama administration and the hit TV program, V.  The progressive left will not like this comparison; but the conservative/centrists will find it chillingly appropriate.  Enjoy it or hate it….but, the message is clear.

The “Live Aboard Program” – Obama Style .

Let’s be perfectly clear, I am not an Obama supporter.  I think Obama is the most dangerous politician to come along in my lifetime.   I find Obama idealistic, naïve, incompetent, and deceitful.  He is not an honorable guy.  He reminds me of the central character in one of my favorite television programs. 

The ABC program V is a remake of an earlier series from the 1980s.  The Vs or Visitors are aliens from outer space.  They arrive on this planet in 20 plus large hovercraft stationed strategically around the world.  The mother ship hovers over New York City. 

The leader of the Vs is the lovely Anna, a beautiful forty-something wolf in sheep’s clothing.  She looks great.  Anna’s daughter Lisa is also a fox.  In fact, all the Vs look pretty good.  Why?  The outward appearance of the Vs is an illusion.  They are actually reptilian creatures that have taken on an idealized earthly appearance.  When they are cut, their scales show. 

The Vs come offering magical (blue) energy capable of heating and cooling our homes.  Blue energy can also power our vehicles without harming the environment.  The Vs offer advanced health care far beyond that available today.  Life is so good on the V vessels that they offer a “Live Aboard Program.”  People choose to move in with the Vs on the promise of idealized living conditions.  Enrollees in the “Live Aboard Program” soon learn that life is not so rosy on the V vessels.  Participants are soon tortured with multiple blades as they lay helpless on a treatment table.

 Anna carefully develops a slavish relationship with a well-known journalist.  She even convinces the journalist that he has a health condition that only be treated through the V health care methodologies.  The journalist does Anna’s bidding.  He even rats out the Fifth Column resistance participants (the Tea Party) for Anna. 

Obama is a remake of George McGovern, LBJ,  and Jimmy Carter all rolled into one.  He appeared on the scene at the 2004 Democratic Convention, teleprompter in tow.  Thrills surged up journalists’ legs as Obama spoke eloquently of fairy tale policies.  Like George McGovern, Obama opposes wars of all kinds.  Oops, I forgot.  The Afghanistan war is a good war…the war that George Bush ignored while displacing Saddam Hussein in Iraq.  The Iraq war is the war that Joe Biden has declared to be the Obama Administration’s finest hour.   Oops, again.  The Iraq war turned on Bush’s troop surge which Obama steadfastly opposed.  At least that is what was written on the teleprompter for him to read. 

Like Anna, Obama is young and eloquent.  As he famously, if not modestly, said, “We are the ones you’ve been waiting for.”   Anna could not have said it better.  Obama likes to hover above the fray.  Pelosi and Reed can craft the legislation.  Pass Obama the teleprompter and a 9 iron.   Hoops, anyone? 

I assume Obama does not have scales.  Although some of his closest associates like Axelrod and Emanuel may.  Obama is unfortunately largely a façade.  He talks a lot…but accomplishes very little. 

Green energy and blue energy have much in common.  They are both largely fictional,  much like Obama’s claim to be a constitutional law professor.  He actually served as a non-tenured senior lecturer at the University of Chicago.    I’m confident that the brightest engineering minds on the planet have not ignored the opportunity to develop cost-effective green energy technologies.  They just haven’t done what they can’t do….yet. 

Obamacare and the V health technologies also call to mind parallels.  They are both expensive and require suspension of disbelief.  It is with Obamacare that Obama has channeled his inner LBJ.  The Great Society has led to government dependency and the destruction of much of the social fabric especially in minority communities.   Obamacare is a big piece of Obama’s “Live Aboard Program”.  Touch the big D (for Democrat) on the ballot and you get “free” healthcare, lower taxes, “free” living assistance, tax credits (even if you do not pay taxes), etc.  Abortion on demand is available.  Please lie here on this table.  Ignore the blades.  You won’t feel a thing. 

Mainstream journalists (like those on V) love Obama.  He gives a great speech, as long as electricity is readily available.  Those pesky news conferences were over-rated anyway!!

The Gulf oil spill is Obama’s Jimmy Carter moment.  Who can forget the Iranian hostage crisis and the day by day count until the hostages were released as Ronald Reagan was being sworn in.  The gas lines are another element of the Carter legacy.  We may not see gas lines but $4 plus per gallon prices could be coming our way.  Six month moratorium on offshore drilling…..that was another brilliant idea, Mr. President. 

The Fifth Column and the Tea Party movement were both born to resist tyranny.  The Fifth Column strives to save the planet from annihilation at the “hands “of the Vs.    The Tea Partiers are striving to stop the destruction of our Country.  Obama is dangerous.  We must stop his policies.  We can do that by first firing his enablers this November.  In 2012, we fire him. 

God bless America!  Sorry, Rev. Wright.


One response to “Is Obama really Anna?

  1. Creative post….and s-p-o-o-k-y spot on!

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