Obama’s Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

If you are one of  the millions of TV viewers that love the Travelers Insurance commercial of the little white dog trying to protect his bone from a myriad of threats, you can draw a parallel with Obama’s troubles in trying to ward off the problems that his administration has.  But, unlike the little white dog who was resourceful and smart, Obama does not have the experience or the knowledge to deal effectively with the ghosts that haunt his sleep.  Let’s enumerate just a few of the demons that keep Obama up at night…in no particular order of importance, although they are all critical to his success and popularity.

The Gulf Oil Spill – Everyone along the Gulf Coast is angry and getting angrier every day due to the ineffectiveness of the federal response to the disaster.  The feds seem to be putting up obstacles rather than working the issue.  Sand berms cannot be  constructed, help has been denied from the Dutch, no waiver of the Jones Act, etc., etc.  Billy Nungesser, Plaquemines Parish president, has ripped Obama and his team on many occasions. Last evening, on CNN’s Anderson Cooper, his frustration was viral.

Offshore Drilling Moratorium – Twisting the findings of the panel appointed to look at the Gulf spill, a 6 month moratorium on drilling is opposed by everyone except the environmentalists that have Obama in their pocket.  Displaying a total lack of management skills, he knee-jerked into a position that will cost thousands of jobs in the Gulf region and set back oil production for years.  This is Obama’s way of pandering to the “green” left….not the actions of a man with  the best interests of the country.  Wells have been drilled for over 50 years in the Gulf; and there are almost 4,000 out there….a sterling record until BP screwed it up.

The War in Afganistan – Now that McChrystal has been replaced with General David Petraeus, Obama must come off of his July 2011 withdrawal deadline since there is no way to secure the southern regions of Afganistan in 11 months.  Sticking to an arbitrary withdrawal date will doom Petraeus to the same failure of McChrystal.  The Taliban are so deeply embedded in the region, if we cannot guarantee a stable government, the Afgans will never get behind the US.  A “hearts and minds strategy” will not win this war.

The Economy & Unemployment – The policies of the administration have failed to bolster a floundering economy.  Stimulus packages, threats of financial regulation, and the uncertainty of Obama’s economic  and tax policies have stalled any recovery of the American economy.  Unemployment, still near 10%,  should be his highest priority; but, all Obama seems to do is blame Bush!  Blaming Bush is not a plan…it is an excuse! 

The Arizona/Illegal Alien Issue – How can Obama justify challenging the law of Arizona since it is simply a pale version of the Federal Statures?  Now  a little burg in Nebraska and several small towns in California have passed similar statutes.  How much of America is Obama willing to sacrifice to secure more Hispanic votes?

Rahm Emanuel – How long can Obama stand behind the small-statued bully of the White House?  By the time Emanuel is called to testify at the Blagojevich trial, the dirty laundry will be hanging on the line for all to see.

The Sestak Situation – Fortunately for Obama, the Gulf disaster has taken the spotlight off the adminstration’s troubling interference (Clinton) in the Pennsylvania primary.

Obamacare and escalating costs – Even before the resignation of the Budget Director, Peter Orszag, it was becoming clear that the Democratic healthcare bill was a fraud perpetrated on the public by an overzealous reconciliation process managed by Nancy Pelosi and enabled by Stupak. And, let’s not forget that 15+ states have filed a lawsuit to overturn the legislation….another back-burner issue.

Israel – Has Obama basically thrown Israel under the bus?  Israel depends on the US to support their efforts to survive the annihilation threatened from Iran, Hamas, and others in the region.  I have no doubt that Neganyahu will nuke Iran’s nuclear facilities when the time comes.  Their government is not weak and ineffective….they will protect themselves with or without Obama’s help.

Public Image – For God’s sake, Barack, look presidential when you play golf!  Those shorts and wrinkled golf shirt look like a 25 handicapper at a muni course.  I don’t care if Obama plays golf occasionally…but, please dress like the leader of the free world, not some chump who just got off the night shift!

I could go on and on, but you get the point.  This presidency is in TROUBLE and the electorate will voice their dissatisfaction in November.  The thing that bothers me is that Obama, Pelosi, & Reid will try to ram through as much socialist legislation as possible until the mid-term elections.  They will be stopped….but at what price!


14 responses to “Obama’s Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

  1. A nice synopsis of the problems facing our Country and our Dear Leader…Oh, that golf swing! I thought drilling on shore was prohibited! Lets hope Obama resigns to spend more time on the links.

  2. Where is the Swordfish? Can’t get enough oxygen to comment? Not taking the bait! Too much logic for him/her? Or maybe he/she is coming around from the dark side!

  3. Hmm. Interesting how many of the troubles facing our President were either caused by or the residue from the prior administration. But that said, aren’t the majority of these same problems challenges that would exist no matter who had been elected?

    And to Pidd – please do not make this a personal attack. Bob has created an interesting blog, no matter which side of the political spectrum on which the reader may sit. Ad hominem attacks add nothing to the conversation, other than to possibly offer proof of the lack of any subatance or logic to the poster’s positions.

    What say we keep it a bit more friendly?

  4. Some problems would exist regardless. But, huge budget deficits are Obama’s baby! And suing Arizona for portecting its citizens is just plain stupid!

  5. Well, let’s take them one at a time, shall we?

    1. The Gulf Oil Spill (and by the way, isn’t it far past time we quit calling this a spill?)

    If we honestly look behind all the hubris and emotion, the real issue comes down to how this was ever allowed to happen, not the federal government’s lack of the tools or know-how to fix it (the attacks on such lacking abilities being a bit ironic coming from those who espouse a smaller, not larger government and equally the power of the “free markets” to solve all problems large and small). The fact is that an anti-regulatory culture, with rewards for promoting, not inhibiting easy drilling on or off shore was created during the past administration. That cannot be denied. And sadly, this same culture was not corrected in the 17 months following President Obama’s taking office, thus allowing BP to drill in a manner that even its competitors criticize. Worse yet, that same culture has allowed a waiver for the rules otherwise applicable to the new offshore drilling (fake island not withstanding) that BP is about to begin in Alaska. Yes, everyone is frustrated, and growing more so by the day. But the frustration lies most with the lack of real solutions to inhibiting the leak, containing the leak, and cleaning the leak. And it is a sad fact of human nature that we look to blame others as a manner of release for our frustrations, in this case the federal government.

    2. The moratorium

    Yes, he issued a moratorium – affecting just 33 out of 36,000 off shore wells. Please remember that 11 people died in the rig explosion, and hundreds of thousands of fishermen, restaurant workers, hotel workers, and the incredible number of other jobs affected directly by the oil now gushing into the gulf are out of work, and maybe forever. Are others affected by the moratorium? Of course. But let me pose a question. Does anyone recall what our government did after the shuttle Columbia disaster killing all aboard (seven soles)? For those who do not I will remind you – a moratorium on any future flights was issued until the cause AND SOLUTION to the problem (loose tiles) could be identified and put in place. The tragedy here is without a doubt even more extreme in its impact on our country, yet the very decision that I hope each of us would make were we running a company for instance that had such a tragedy (stop whatever we were doing until we could identify why it happened and fix it) is criticized when ordered by President Obama, but not by President Bush. Oh, and if you want other examples, look to the shut down of American Airline’s MD80 fleet until certain maintenance issues could be addressed, and the grounding many years ago of the US DC10 fleets when engines kept falling off the wings.

    3. Afganistan

    A war he inherited, that has from the beginning been unwinable by any assessment. No, hearts and minds will not work, nor will shock and awe. Remember the old adage – those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. That has never been more true than with respect to our decision to go in there in the first place, now our longest war.

    4. Rohm Emanuel

    Yes, he has a reputation as a very tough political operative, but so what? So did Reagan’s various chiefs of staff. And how about some recent TX boys, like Delay, Armey, Rove, or any other strong politician?

    5. Sistak

    Come on, when haven’t our two political parties bargained with candidates for who will run where, and for what? That is part of the RNC and DNC chairmen’s job descriptions (e.g., who gets the campaign cash and who doesn’t). This one may have gotten some press, but note just how quickly the Republican side chose to let it go. Again an old adage comes to mind – he who lives in a glass house shouldn’t be throwing the first rock.

    6. Healthcare

    Our country has had a healthcare COST and COVERAGE issue for decades. Finally, someone steps up to the plate to try to do something about it (Bob Dole did too in the mid-70s until the religious right called him off it). While I, too, do not like what came out of all this (it fall woefully short of truly addressing the problem), had the Republicans not viewed this as a “we cannot let him succeed or he will win re-election in four years issue,” (think Gingrich, Delay, Rove, et al) and truly worked to find real solutions, we may have had a bette outcome. And if you need any proof of this, recall only the false claims of “death panels” as the type of scare tactics the Republican leadership used to ensure there could and would be no real attempt at finding common ground. Health care will continue to increase at multiples of the rate of inflation. All the Republicans did is again kick the can down the road to our children.

    7. Israel

    Well, I guess I should get ready for the hate mail, but our unwillingness to stop the illegal jewish settlements in occupied lands in Palestine (yes, both our country and the UN treat that land as occupied) will continue to be the number one recruiting poster for the Islamic extremists throughout the world. It’s far past time we forced our so-called ally to get back to their borders and stop the very provocations that make peace impossible. Just how do we think Hamas got elected? And Fatah, despite its attempts to find a lasting peace gets its legs cut out from under it with each destroyed Palestinian’s house in East Jerusalem and compound in the West Bank. (Note – I am not sure what that really means in this case, given we seem to be doing the giving, but never seem to get anything in return. Just exactly what have or even can they do for us, in the Middle East? Shoot, we have more military bases in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait than we do in Israel. I guess they root for us. Yea, that must be it.) H.W. and James Baker took a stand in the early nineties when they demanded that the Israeli government cease and desist the continued support (financial and otherwise) for these illegal settlements. When they did not, the money from the U.S. stopped. Sadly, six months later after huge lobbying from the JDL and others here in the US, the money started right up again.

    We need a lasting peace there to have any chance at truly taking from the Islamic extremists their ability to recruit the terrorists that are motivated to give their own lives to attack our country. That will does not have even a small chance as things stand today. And for those who may be interested, check out a map of what a two-state solution would like like today. Basically, due to the illegal settlements, it is nothing more than splotches of land, disconnected, set aside for the Palestinians, and everything else effectively annexed to Israel. Sort of like Kingwood, the Woodlands, and Sugar Land being the new Palestinian state.

    8. Golf

    On this we agree. Put on some damn pants.

  6. Despite a lengthy retort and deflection of the issue, the real question is does Obama have to tools to manage crisis? Nothing in his background suggests he can manage anything. He probably cast more “present” votes in the Senate that any one ever! What a guy!

  7. Rebutting liberals is a bit like pushing a rope. It does not advance anyone’s agenda. However, I can’t resist responding to Swordfish’s latest comments. I’ll address his or her points in their original sequence.

    1. The Gulf Oil Debacle (I agree that we are way past characterizing this disaster as a spill).

    Regulatory constraints have forced oil drilling offshore and ever deeper. Environmentalists through their enablers the Democrats have made it more and more risky to drill for oil domestically. The BP blowout is almost certainly the result of rig-specific mistakes. After all, this is the first such blowout in over 30 years.

    It makes no economic sense to halt drilling completely due to one blowout. Government and industry should work together to determine what went wrong and why on the BP rig. If there is a need for new regulations, propose them.

    Unfortunately the Dear Leader and his flunky, Eric the Great, prefer sabre rattling about lawsuits. To a child with a hammer, the whole world is a nail.

    2. The Moratorium.

    The moratorium and blue ribbon commission are sops to the enviromentalists. We can’t let ourselves be accused of ignoring the concerns of the leftists that put us into office.

    Obama has seized on the gulf oil debacle to advance his so-called green agenda. He does not want safe oil drilling or coal mining. Obama wants to advance his agenda. Can’t let a good crisis go to waste.

    3. Afghanistan (“the good war”).

    Bush attacked Afghanistan because Bin Laden was being sheltered by the Taliban in 2001. As I recall, Bush offered to forego invading Afghanistan if the Taliban would turn over Bin Laden.

    It was the Democrats who declared the Afghan conflict the good war. Why? By implication the Iraq war became Bush’s war (the bad war). It was Obama-Biden who escalated the Afghan war. What were those terms…”vital national security interests of the USA?” Obama used the Afghan conflict as a political chess piece. He’s now bogged down in an unwinnable war. Yes, Swordfish, I agree with some things you write.

    I contend that Bush initiated the Afghan war out of necessity. Obama escalated the war out of political expediency. Perhaps Obama could have talked Bin Laden out of the mountains if he could have just used his teleprompter over there.

    4. Rahm “Deadfish” Emanuel.

    Like most of Obama’s inner circle, Rahmbo is a Chicago thug. Hopefully the Blago trial will be Rahmbo’s undoing.

    5. Joe Sestak.

    The Republicans have not dropped the Sestak matter. They have no subpoena power as the minority party. Eric the Great and Justice aren’t going to appoint a special prosecutor either. Wait until Queen Nancy has to give up her gavel, the investigations will move forward. Why do you think she is pleading for public funds to defend Democrats against anticipated investigations when the new Congress is sworn in?

    6. Obamacare.

    You can’t put ten pounds of rocks in a five pound bag. Rationing is coming. We don’t know what form it will take but it will happen.

    Death panels? If someone decides that a person can’t have a life saving treatment for economic reasons and the person subsequently dies, sounds like a death panel to me.

    Why did Congress exempt themselves and their senior staff members from the provisions of Obamacare? I think we all know the answer to this question.

    7. Israel.

    They can take care of themselves.

    8. Golf.

    Obama golfs. He does not play golf! Unfortunately there is no catcher to move up in front of the plate so you aren’t embarassed by your girly throwing motion. There is no gutter to catch your errant bowling balls.

    I wish there were gutters so ill advised policies could be redirected. Obama then might be able color within the lines.

    Nice try, Swordfish. You tried to put lipstick on this pig but he’s still just a pig.

  8. U R right…Obama and his goons are in big trouble. When will they listen to the public? My guess is never….that’s why they will lose in November.

  9. Okay, game on.

    1. Oil companies drill off shore because that is where the oil is. Exhibit 1 – the North Sea off the coast of Scotland (a very difficult environment). It is simply not the case that somehow the oil companies were “forced” to drill in deep water rather than other areas. Put another way, they will drill anywhere there is economically available reserves, and why shouldn’t they. The real issue is the lack of oversight to their efforts. Note in particular the acustic failsafe blowout preventors required by other countries (e.g., Brazil and Great Britain), but not required by US regulations.

    Please note that President Obama has never called for a cessation of all off shore drilling. The facts are quite to the contrary. HIs call for a moratorium affected only new, deep water drilling (33 out of 36,00o wells in the Gulf). As to this being the first blowout, that is simply untrue. There have been several, but in shallower waters, thus more easily controlled.

    2. Your attack on the commision is no more than ad hominem slop. Try facts, logic and reasoning, not name calling. That said, what in the world is wrong with a green agenda, and when did consumption of energy reserves become mutually exclusive to concern for our environment? To the extent you believe that a green agenda has no place in our country, spend a few days in Mexico City, or Shanghai, or anywhere else where limited environmental protections exist. Indeed, try just taking a deep breath in one of those places.

    3. Where in the world did you come up with Obama escalating the war for political reasons. I recall the right blasting him both for the time he took evaluating the military’s request for more troops (“dithering” I believe is the word Chaney used) followed by similar attacks for his approval of only 30,000 more troops, not the 40,000 that were originally requested. But if you think it was a political move, not one of “necessity,” what are you suggesting he should be doing? Withdrawing?

    4. Your rebuttal to my comment regarding Rohm Emanuel have no subtance. Put another way, name calling is not the basis for proffering a position. What, exaclty, has he done that is so henius?

    5. Joe S. did nothing illegal, nor did anyone in the administration. Were otherwise the case the Republicans would be screaming for an independent prosecutor, minority party notwithstanding. It has never stopped them in the past…

    6. Healthcare rationing is already here. If you have the money, you get the care. If not, it’s mostly tough luck unless you are facing a life-threatening emergency. What kind of healthcare system is that?

    As to death panels, they DO NOT and NEVER HAVE existing under any of the legislation profferd by Obama or the Democrats. But they do exist, trust me. They are called insurance companies. Who do you think decides who gets the care today? And don’t forget your employer. It, too, has a death panel (I have been on more than one). They are the folks appointed to the legally required committee who have to decidewhether the cancer stricken employee, or his wife, or his child, will get the $10k treatment when the insurance company declines to cover the procedure under the grounds that it is “experimental”. Not much fun, I can assure you.

    Oh, and Congress is NOT exempt from the recently passed legislation. Try getting your facts from other than Glenn Beck…

    7. Israel

    I need to clarify my earlier posting. Please do not construe my remarks for a lack of support for its existence. My feelings are quite to the contrary. It is the Zionistic settlements and attendant issues that I condemn.

    8. Let the President be with regard to his golf. Come on, we all can’t play as well as Bob.

    And in general, can we keep the debate at a bit higher level? Facts, logic, reason are always a plus. The name-calling noise of the Limbaughs, Hanitys, and Becks are just that. Indeed, ask Joe Barton how he made out following ol’ Rush’s suggestion that the country owed BP an apology.

  10. One more thought. How in the world can the Attorney General be criticized for initiating a criminal investigation (as REQUIRED BY LAW) into what happened on that rig and why? Has everyone forgotten that 11 people were killed, very probably it now appears due to the gross negligence if not abject recklessness of BP and/or its subcontractors?

  11. My serve.

    1. Gulf Oil Spill Debacle.

    Drilling in deep waters off the coast of the US is the direct result of roadblocks thrown up by the environmental movement. Drilling in shallower waters is impeded by lawsuits and other delaying tactics. This is also the reason we haven’t built a refinery in the US in over thirty years.

    2. The Moratorium.

    The so-called commission is an answer in search of a question. Stocking the commission with environmental activists is not exactly a Diogenes-like search for the truth.

    Obama wants to use the moratorium as a bargaining chip to play as he pursues cap and trade. He knows a day of reckoning is coming. His agenda has about thirty days (until the August recess) before the roadblocks get much tougher.

    I do not see this as an ad hominem attack. You do. Too bad.

    3. Afghanistan.

    Obama and the Democrats did exactly what I outlined. Go back to the campaign rhetoric. What he did not do is act in a timely manner and then only with half measures (30,000 vs. 40,000 troops) after the request languished for months. I guess all those focus groups took some time.

    4. Rahm Emanuel.

    Emanuel is a slime ball. Now that is a true ad hominem attack. The reason he is called Deadfish is due to an incident in which he sent fish wrapped in newspaper to a political opponent. Look it up. Emanuel was wiretapped in connection with the Blago senate seat for sale incident. Before you come rushing to this guy’s defense, I’d do some research. Anyway it is highly likely the Dear Leader will throw him overboard soon.

    How well is the liberal in sheep’s clothing strategy working out? For many of these people it is going to be two years and a cloud of dust. Thanks, Rahmbo.

    5. Joe Sestak.

    The Justice Department has refused to name a special prosecutor. Issa requested this action and was turned down. Only you, Robert Gibbs, and the other Obama kool aid drinkers believe a quid pro quo offer does not constitute illegality.

    If you think Sestak could be swayed by Slick Willy and an offer of an unpaid position, you’ve had too much medical marijuana.

    6. Obamacare.

    Unless changes have been made Congress and senior staff are not required to purchase their health coverage through the governmental exchanges. State Insurance Departments do not allow arbitrary denial of legitimate claims. It is true that you can’t get sick then go shopping for insurance and expect to be covered for a pre-existing illnesses.

    Insurance company benefits panels or governmental bureaucrats…I opt for the former.

    7. Israel.

    Name one instance where the Israeli Government started an unprovoked armed conflict with an Arab country. The only provocative act I’m aware of was in 1948. The Israeli’s finish wars, they do not start them.

    The Israeli boundaries were agreed upon long ago. They have voluntarily forfeited land and subsequently suffered missle attacks.

    I say again, the Israelis’s can take care of themselves.

    8. Golf.

    Enough said. The man can’t play.

    You are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts. Please cite the elements of my posts which are in error.

    Give me Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck anytime over Robert Gibbs, Bill Burton, and the other Obama mouthpieces.

    Your serve.

  12. Exempted from Obamacare: Senior Staff Who Wrote the Bill (The New Ledger, Monday, March 22, 2010).

    Obama and his closest advisors are exempt as are senior Democrat leaders and their staffs. I can not tell for sure that rank and file members of Congress and their staffs are exempt. Apparently they are not. The relevant language is on page 158 of the bill. Read it if you are an insomniac.

    My apologies to Swordfish on this narrow point.

  13. Sorry, Freddy, but wrong again. While there is what MAY be a narow exemption, if it applies at all it is to a very narrow number of staffers, not the Senior Democratic leaders, Obama (note – he gets his health care for free as have all Presidents), nor his advisors. For reference I provide the following link:


    As to your prior post, you indeed assert few facts with which I can take issue. But then again, your post is mostly opinion or ad hominem attack, with little in the way of fact to support it. That said, I do feel compelled to offer the following:

    1. Oil companies drill in the gulf (36,000 wells to date) because that is where the oil is. Period. And whether or not we have built a new refinery in the US in the past 30 years has nothing to do with drilling for oil where oil can be found. It may, however, have to do with capacity/demand issues, NIMBY issues (not in my back yard), and state/local concerns of a similar nature.

    2. As to the moratorium you again state no facts, just supposition and opinion. And again I am compelled to ask why in the world we all would not want to know the cause of what happened before we allowed the same thing to happen again. Please recall the moratorium affected NEW drilling in deep water, not existing wells. Yes, some jobs were affected, but then again, a lot more damn jobs are gone, maybe permenantly, due directly to what happened with the BP well. When the disfunctional aspect of the MMS is added to the mix, anything less than a moratorium (not a permenant freeze) would be hugely negligent on the part of our government as we deal with this tragedy and ensure as best we can that it never happens again.

    2. While the right wing talking heads swawked about the time it took to evaluate how to proceed, did you notice who did not? The military. Our constitution ensures we have a civilian controlled military. That makes the President our commander and chief. If it takes him 90 days to ensure that we are doing the right thing putting our sons and daughters in harms way, I am all for it. Oh, and do a bit a reseach and you will find that George Bush took exactly the same amount of time evaluating the surge strategy for Iraq.

    4. Rohm – stop the name calling. It adds nothing to the discussion. So what if he sent a dead fish to somebody. I think that is hilarious. But then again, I’ve seen the Godfatthe about 100 times. “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” to this day is the basis for making most if not all of my major life decisions.

    5. The Sestak matter is about as political as it can get. Do you seriously believe that backroom deals between the parties and various candidates are not made every day? Who do you think divides up the money and decides which candidate will get what, whether Republican or Democrat? Yes, it’s slimey, but no, it’s not new. What I find comical about this one is that Sestak was never offered anything of any value! “Hey, would you consider not running for Senate but rather stay in the House? We also have an unpaid committee position we’d like you to take. No? Okay, well have a nice day.”

    Shit, I offered a hell of a lot more trying to get laid in high school and college, but that didn’t make me a John or the girls hookers…even those that said yes!

    6. Healthcare – covered above. I would add, however, the following FACT: Today over 50% of the country is already covered not by an employer plan or individual plan, but rather a government plan, whether Medicaid, Medicare, VA, or CHIPS. Not a death panel to be found in any of them. The same cannot be said for private, profit based insurance.

    7. Israel voluntarily forfeited land? When? Israel has only TAKEN land, well past its legally recognized 1967 borders. If it is the West Bank and Gaza to which you are referring, neither has ever been legally a part of Israel. Those lands, just like the illegal settlements that we continue to allow be built, have never been a part of Israel. And the Golan Heights were always contested with Egypt. The FACT remains that we provide billions in foreign aid to Israel every year (our largest beneficiary), and in return we get little or nothing other than further obstacles to lasting peace in with the Palestinians, and a continued recruiting poster for Islamic extremists. Take care of themselves? Hardly. Who do you think provides all their arms?

    8. Golf – So what if he can’t play well. Which president ever could? I just think it’s great he seems to like the sport as much as I do. But again, I do wish he’d put on some pants.

    I’m bored now, and going to take a nap. Hmm, I wonder if it’s okay if President Obama takes a nap, or would Glenn Beck just think that his doing so would be just another liberal, socialist, fascist attack on real American values? We should ask Rush. He’s the family values guy. By the way, congrats to him on his third marriage. I think this one is going to stick, don’t you?

  14. You are boring me now. You have your opinions. I have mine. Lets agree to disagree.

    Talk about ad hominem attacks! I didn’t mention Beck, Hannity or Limbaugh yet you fell compelled to attack them.

    I’m tired of pushing the rope. Sleep well. I actually look forward to Obama having plenty of time to take naps after 2012.

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