OZ is Exposed….Again

In the land of OZ, the Wizard is a great and powerful sorcerer who, in fact, is just a mythical creation.  So, you now know where this is going!!  Obama, as a leader, is a mythical creation….the product of some, as yet named, handlers.  He is the puppet on America’s stage…we just have not figured out who the puppeteer really is! 

Some of the other characters in the “Wizard of OZ” are obvious.  The wicked witch of the West is Miss Nancy; and her democratic followers are the “flying monkeys”….ready to do her bidding without regard as to the sentiments of typical American.  She is ready to give her Wizard what he wants. But, wait….the Munchkins are getting restless.  And Dorothy is beginning to find that the yellow brick road is not leading her where she really wants to go!

Let’s take the current uproar concerning Arizona’s new immigration law.  In previous posts, I have praised the folks of Arizona for standing their ground as the federal government chooses to stand by and ignore the existing laws regarding immigration.  The border is a sieve; illegals are pouring through the openings with impunity.  Crime is out of control; drug trafficking is out of control; human trafficking is out of control; and the debate is out of control.

Obama criticizes the GOP for creating “immigration policy gridlock with political posturing and special interest wrangling.”  He goes on to say that the lawmakers have succumbed to the “pressures of partisanship and election-year politics.”  Obama has chosen to completely ignore the majority opinion in the US.  A recent online MSNBC poll supports the Arizona provisions by a whopping 95%!!!!!!!  That’s right, a MSNBC poll!  Not Fox…MSNBC!!  Almost 2 million, at this time, have cast their online vote!   

Despite the overwhelming support for AZ, Obama is determined to build new momentum on this issue…claiming that the problem cannot be solved “only with fences and border patrols.”  And, he is right on that point! America does not need a 2,000 mile fence.  America  needs to get tough on the illegals, penalize/imprison those that go outside the process, and significantly fine the employers that provide them jobs!  Close the border with enforcement; and then we can talk about immigration reform….and those that are here illegally should not have a pathway to gaining citizenship!  We should not reward criminal behavior. Reagan’s amnesty program of the ’80’s was a bust….and amnesty will be a bust today!

And, Mr. President, you would be wise to try and develop a good working relationship with House Minority Leader, John Boehner, because he will be the Speaker of the House next January!  Bashing Bush and blaming the GOP for legislative failures is not the road to partisan politics.  Remember, your party, the Democrats, control Congress!  If you cannot pass your legislative agenda, don’t blame the GOP….look inside your own party!  Boehner was right when he said, “President Obama spends an awful lot of time making excuses and whining about others.  The American people want leadership in the White House, not childish partisanship.”

Washington Examiner columnist Noemie Emery describes Obama as “a genius at chairing a forum, as at the ‘nuclear summit’ in April.  The problem was that the value of those things was limited, while Iran and Korea, who were not in attendance, went on happily building their bombs.”  He is a seminar leader who is out of his element.

The Wizard OZ is a myth!  And, so is Obama!

2010….Without doubt, Vote them out!


18 responses to “OZ is Exposed….Again

  1. Totally agree!!! This is not a race problem either…as some would want us to believe! It is an economic disaster when we have to educate, provide medical attention, and give welfare to a bunch of illegals and criminals. You should write a blog on how divided this country really is and how Obama uses the race card for his political advantage! He is bad news!

  2. Obama combines the worst elements of the characters in the Wizard of Oz. He lacks the managerial wisdom (If I only had a brain…) to address the needs of the Country effectively. Obama seems to believe things happen to him rather than around him. Management is the accomplishment of predetermined objectives through others. He is a very poor administrator and an even worse leader.

    Obama does not have the political courage (If I only had courage…) to stand up to his left wing base. He approaches most problems from a political perspective. It’s amazing how much one can get done if he does not care who gets the credit. Obama takes credit and rejects blame. He makes Clinton (pick your favorite one) look principled.

    Obama lacks the strength (If I only had a heart…) to face down our enemies. He is the Rodney King President, “can’t we all just get along?” The world has lost confidence in Obama’s leadership. He is mocked in the British press. Like many Americans, world leaders now see Obama as a paper tiger, all hat and no cattle.

    Bob, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The Obama that received 53% of the vote is a myth. The Obama whose support is slipping everyday is reality.

    Lets hope the Republicans run someone with a pulse in 2012. I still contend Obama will face a primary challenge in 2012.

  3. Help me understand, please, why – if the problem is solved as simply as you suggest – nothing has been done about illegal immigration for the past 25 years (a period including the time when the Republicans controlled the Congress and the time(s) when Republicans held the White House?

    We as a country have complex problems that are not fixed with simple, monolithic solutions. This one is no different.

    There are currently more than 12 million illegals in the US, most of whom are actually working (i.e., adding value to our economy). No, this is not how they should have come into our economy, but they are here, and a significant part of it. And do some research and you will quickly find that most also pay taxes (income, FICA and sales, albeit under fake SNNs that preclude them from ever receiving retirement payments down the road), and are not the drain on our resources that the right has falsely made them out to be.

    I agree fully that our boarders must be secured – both to limit futher illegal entry and for reasons of national security. But simply stating that all who are here must leave (including children carried with their parents who have grown up here, and those who were born here and are now citizens), is a failure to recognize that these same people are a real part of the fabric of our society. Reagan recognized this, and as a result fully supported the amnesty program implemented while he was President. So did Bush (both of them), and now President Obama.

    Blaming soley President Obama for a problem that has faced our country since its inception (check out how the Irish were treated at the turn of the century) is absurd.

    P.S. And your MSNBC poll results don’t hold water. It was an online survey, that in no way represents a true cross section of the country. And no, the Democrats do not control Congress, either. To do so a party must hold 60 seats in the Senate. What was to be a little used parlimentary procedure (the fillabuster) has now become the norm, as well evidenced by the Republicans’ blocking of any extension to unemployment benefits and the pending financial reform bill, both of which are otherwise supported by a majority of the Senate.

  4. Kind of agree with Swordfish….can’t just pack the all up and send them back. Maybe you mean phasing the illegals into the system over time. But, agree we need to shut it all down! More troops or whatever it takes!

  5. OK, Swordfish, I’ll agree something needs to be done with the illegals that are already here. Not sure what exactly; if they are productive, then maybe, they get a break! On the poll, surely you are not assuming that the only people that vote online are old Tea Partyers! 2M is a lot of folks!You can do better! Take off the blinders!

  6. My finger is tired. It takes awhile to vote 2 million times. It’s much easier to have ACORN register a few cartoon characters and dead people when you need a good turnout. You can then have the New Black Panthers frighten away the legitimate voters/survey respondents and, ta da, you have a poll that liberals can embrace.

    Face it, Swordfish, the American people oppose amnesty for illegals. No empty rhetoric from the Dear Leader can change this fact. Cynically challenging Congress to come together on comprehensive immigration reform without a proposed plan is as useless as most of Obama’s efforts.

    Seal the border. Register the illegals as a necessary condition for eligibility for possible amnesty. Vigorously prosecute/deport any future violators. Establish criteria for earning citizenship including English language proficiency, proof of health care coverage (Obama should embrace this one!), gainful employment (a sponsor), etc.

    Procedures comparable to those applied to parolees need to be established that ensure the government can keep track of persons going through the citizenship process. Failure to adhere to the established procedures should render violators ineligible for future citizenship consideration.

    Illegal behavior must have consequences. The first rule when you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging. Lets close the gate, identify the violators, and determine which subset of this group should be ALLOWED to begin earning citizenship.

    As a whole, Hispanics are among the most industrious families in America. They come to America because the jobs and services are here. They aren’t clamoring for government handouts like so many SEIU members are. Lets treat the illegals as job applicants and selectively extend invitations for the productive ones to stay. We can then send the freeloaders home for good.

  7. Wow. Freddy and I agree. Must watch out for flying pigs…

    And Bob, yes, 2M may seem like a lot, but in terms for statistical reliability there is nothing to be drawn from a survey like the one you cite. Certainly not that it represents a true reading of all Americans are thinking.

  8. Swordfish….I wonder what your reaction to this poll would have been if the result was reversed? While most of your arguments are usually cogent, you are just being stubborn on this point!!!! Take exception when it is logical, please.

  9. Exactly the same. “Voting” on an internet site is simply not a statistically valid poll. Yes, it may work for American Idol and its ilk, but to rely on such a means for determining how the populace truly feels about an issue is folly. How can you determine if there was a fair cross section participating? How can you ensure the same folks did not vote over and over again?

    The short answer to all this is to simply look to the myriad other real polls that have been taken on this same issue. While I will readily concede their findings that a majority indeed favor the AZ law (somewhat north of 50%), that majority is no where near the 95% you claim based on the MSNBC “poll.” From a statical standpoint this alone refutes any reliability to the data.

    You overreached on this one using bad data (when good data was readily available to you), and as a result the credibility of your position and argument for it was unnecessarily diminished. You can do better.

    BTW, there’s a chance I may get to be on “Dancing with the Stars” this next season. I am counting on you, Bob, to get the vote out for me when the judges don’t give me the scores I will have well deserved. Have your readers text “He stinks but less than the other guys” and have them do it often, okay? Oh, some minor text charges may apply, but don’t worry about that…

  10. Sword…..you on “Dancing with the Stars,” I would text my fingers off for you! And the point of the MSNBC poll was not the number…it was that the poll came from one of the most liberal of Obama’s progressive media friends. Stay focused!

  11. Bob –

    Again, it was not a poll, so where it came from is irrelevant.

    And your latest post actually makes my very point by suggesting that the source of a real poll somehow adds bias to its outcome. Yes, that certainly could be the case if the poll questions are intentionally asked improperly or the group surveyed is intentionally skewed (i.e., not truly representative of the group the poll purports to have surveyed). But ascribing further relevance to what was not even poll (only an open survey) based on an assumed contrary bias of its source makes your argument even weaker.

    There are some really good polls out there supporting your position. No need to put one forward that on its face is clearly flawed. And if you need any further proof of this, consider the percentage of hispanics in our country and ask yourself how they would weigh in on such a real poll. I hope we can agree that it would be at higher than only the 5% the MSNBC survey would suggest opposes the AZ law.

    Now go clean out the water from the sand traps. I want to play tomorrow. I have to go practice my Rumba.

    Just as progressives may listen to the Fat Boy or watch Faux News, so do conservatives read MSNBC, watch Rachel, Keith, and Chris.

  12. MSNBC invited responses to the question about immigration reform. Bob did not pose this question. He’s reporting the news, not making the news.

    It is clear to virtually everyone that comprehensive immigration reform is not the top priority of the general public. Sealing the borders must be a precondition for any discussion of amnesty for illegals. 95% or 55%…who cares?

    Dyke, Dumbass, or Carter Leftover, take your pick. Based on the ratings, MSNBC hosts are not commanding much interest. Could not resist a retaliatory ad hominem attack just for you, Swordffish.

  13. Just couldn’t resist on getting in on the action. Won’t be using fancy vocabulary because my reasoning is very simple. Swordfish says that if securing the borders is so simple why haven’t we done it by now. That answer is the oldest one in the book POLITICS. Both parties are afraid of doing what they both know needs to be done because they are afraid of losing the hispanic vote. Expected better from you Swordfish.

  14. Just how, exactly, do you propose to seal over 6000 miles of our US borders, nearly 2000 of which are between the United States and Mexico? Come on, someone please tell me how this is going to be done.

    And while your at it, tell my why exactly sealing the borders MUST be accomplished before any rational discussion can be had regarding those already here illegally?

    BTW, there is one way to deal with this, which at one time had great bipartisan support. Simply, it was to allow for some pathway to a legal status (not necessarily citizenship) for those who had already been here for a minimum period of time and had not committed any crime. These folks, with some additional conditions would be given legal status, and thus could be hired legally. ALL others (those who came later than the retroactive deadline) could not be hired legally, and any employer who did hire them would face stiff penalties. They, too, would face immediate deportation. Thus, although not sealing the border – recognized to be an impossible task – in effect the allure to illegally cross it (work) would be foreclosed for those who did going forward.

    But alas, the talking heads made it politically impossible for any Republican to support any kind of pathway to a legal status for those already here and the bipartisan support dried up, leaving us where we are today – with little or nothing.

    Amnesty may be a preparative word for some, but in reality it may be the only practical solution to a very complex problem.

  15. Pipe:

    Yes, politics can and far too many times does interfere with what we want and expect our government to do for us. But your answer begs the question. As I posted above, just exactly what solution has been posed or even exists for effectively sealing our over 6000 miles of international borders? Or even just the border shared with Mexico?

    This week minority leader John Boehner asserted that Congress must “take the steps that we know we have to take first and that’s securing the border…” But he had far less to say about how he proposed we do so.

    Again, we face complex problems, and few can be addressed with simple solutions.

    Your serve, fellas.

  16. Few complex problems can be addressed via simple solutions. It is usually necessary to break such problems down into parts.

    Republicans and some Democrats recognize the need to secure our borders as a necessary first step in addressing the illegal immigration problem. This the same southern border that the Dear Leader says is too vast to be secured. I reject this notion.

    I do not pretend to be an expert. We need to solve the border problem in terms of the problem. A combination of high tech, low tech, and human resource solutions will most certainly be required. Barriers, fencing, monitors, lighting, patrols, and perhaps other solutions will be required.

    I am sure of one thing though. You will never do what you do not try to do. As Governor Brewer of Arizona said, “Do your job, Mr. President.”

  17. Well, while not a new problem, and each prior administration has faced the same issues and challenges attendant to it (Reagan for eight years, Bush I for four, Clinton for eight, and Bush II for ANOTHER eight, all totalling 28 years) I can fully understand why it is solely President Obama’s fault for not having corrected by now. After all, he’s been in office for a full 20 months and what else has he had to deal with? Add to that all the bipartisan cooperation he has enjoyed and clearly you are right, it is his fault.

    BTW, Boehner has also said that he will oppose any effort to reach concensus on comprehensive immigration reform this year. In other words, even as to those issues on which both parties may agree (e.g., securing the border), the Republican leadership will oppose any bill, comprehensive or otherwise. And please do not suggest that President Obama is the problem in this regard. It is Congress that makes the laws, not the President.

    Ah, ain’t politics great? A pox on both party’s house.

  18. Until we can be sure the federal government will enforce this comprehensive bill why do anything. How about enforcing what we already have on the books and maybe we can talk about what the next steps might be. If the government is not going to uphold the laws we already have why waste time making new ones?

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